What my desk is trying to tell you…

July 31, 2007

The contents of my desk aim to communicate two points: the night watch does like me and my roommate is brilliant.


Now, when my amazing boss viewed the glory that is before you, she didn’t exactly come to that conclusion. Perhaps concerned about the fact that my desk was beginning to resemble someone’s pantry, she asked if I was storing up for winter.

As great as that could be, those drinks are not the beginnings of such a stash. AND… the entire front office of the bookstore could probably not contain enough drinks to get me through the winter.

Given Kristen’s intelligence level and the fact that the above sight did not make her go “Oh, the night watch loves Christine!”… I suppose most of you have not come to that conclusion, either. I will explain…

I’ve probably had about 7 or so nights that I called my “last night” on the night watch. There was my last night with my team. (I couldn’t quite make it to 4am anymore. My body was beginning to revolt against me.) And then there was what I called my “official” last night. And then we have every night since then… inclusive of tonight. (It’s 3:30 am and sleep refused to come to me five hours ago when I sought it with eager expectation.)

Well, this post is about the “official” last night. It was my team’s night off, so we were having a bit of a celebration on the occasion of my departure from the night watch.

For said celebration, Amanda told everyone that they were required to bring me a drink. As some of my previous posts have indicated… I have a bit of a drinking problem.  More often than not, I have at least two drinks around me. What can I say? I like to stay hydrated. And liquid is my favorite medium for consumption of caffeine and sugary anti-health.

And so they did. They brought me drinks. Beautiful drinks. Smart water, vitamin water, tea, hot chocolate, chai, capri suns, and more. It was a beautiful night. And all of the drinks are things that I love.

One daywalker was also in attendance that night. (Actually, he’s more of a half-breed.) He brought me water AND cookies. And now we see why I am on days. They like me more. They give me drinks and cookies. (He also gave me sunglasses and a flashlight. The flashlight has been oddly useful in the last few days. I’m not used to locating my bed when it is actually dark outside.)

Now, if that ends up leading into a war of affection between my day and night friends to prove who loves me more… well… so be it. 😉

Puzzled by the box of kleenexes?

I came into the office one day to discover that Kristen had super-glued them to my desk. As they are rather convenient, I have decided to leave them where they are. It is a bit weird, though, when someone reaches over my head to grab a kleenex out of the box. That has actually only happened once… but it was weird enough to be noteworthy.

You may also notice the bookmark that is poking out from behind the kleenex box. On another occasion, I entered the office to discover the bookmark stapled to one of the kleenexes. Thank you, David Scoggan.

The bookmark was less practical, as it was placed. It kind of obstructed my view of the super-low-resolution-and-kind-of-rather-smallish computer monitor at my desk. I pulled it out, but I can’t bring myself to remove it completely. (David keeps random stuff, too, so I consider myself justified. There’s nothing quite like “but look at what he did” justification.)



  1. You are missed so very much!!!

  2. kirk IS pretty cool. he did outgift us, this is true. but had i known that you also were to be receiving cookies, i could have SO made you real ones… take that, kirk!

  3. Even after “Airplane,” I’m not sure I could have imagined that it would make me smile to know that my daughter has a serious drinking problem. 😀

  4. Your theoretical “real” cookies sound great, but aren’t very effective when they only exist in the realm of ideas. Kirk’s cookies actually exist as a present reality… whereas yours will probably never come to be. So… Kirk still wins. Which means the night watch is still falling far behind. (Though Sarah did narrow that gap today with a couple of granola bars… mmm… odwalla.)

  5. “…whereas yours will probably never come to be.”

    dang. ouch.

    i know i owe you and amanda cookies for your respective reasons. i haven’t forgotten. the issue is finding the time to haul all that stuff out and make them, and finding the money to fund them, for that matter. they’ll get to you one way or another. i don’t forget cookie promises. ask josiah… he’s missed his cookies on delivery day for two and a half months now, but i still haven’t forgotten to save some for him when i bake.

    they’re coming, alright? patience, grasshopper… : )

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