Just for Christine

August 5, 2007

Feel free to steal the title of my blog. I actually got it from someone else. In fact… my purpose in writing this blog is to INVITE you to steal the title and write such a blog.

Say what?

Well, the amazing Dorean Beattie recently wrote this post: Just for Christine. And it suddenly hit me. That would be amazing… if a bunch of people wrote posts with the title “Just for Christine.”

Since the idea hit me, my curiousity has been growing. What would people write about in such a blog? Who would actually take that challenge and do it?

I know of a couple of people who are likely to respond. And a couple who I would be absolutely shocked to see doing something like that. But now I don’t just have to sit here wondering. I can actually find out. 🙂

So… there it is… your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a blog entitled “Just for Christine.” Make it as long or as short as you would like. Write about whatever you want to write about. Just let me know when it’s posted.



  1. […] post info By Amanda Beattie Categories: Uncategorized Challenge accepted. […]

  2. It seemed only fitting that someone should grab the blog name and, moreover, that that someone should be me: just for Christine. Besides, the verbosity of my comments here lately 1) was getting a little out of hand and 2) doesn’t begin to approach all that I really wanted to say.

  3. Just trying to get my signature to link to my new primary blog . . .

  4. […] walked a pretty young lady. Or maybe staggered is a better […]

  5. I have to say that Koobert and Kootie don’t usually have adventures that end so delightfully (for them). In the story I’ve linked immediately above, it’s just for you. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks to all who responded to the challenge. I greatly enjoyed the posts. (And the story was delightful… yet startlingly real.) Thanks for taking a few minutes to totally make my week.

    I read all of the posts… multiple times. And have been temped to print them all to put in a “when your having a crummy day” file to cheer me up. Who knows. Perhaps I will.

    Today, in particular, I decided to go back to all of the posts and revisit them. And they definitely make a difference.

    (BTW… sorry for such a delayed and such a week expression of thanks. I’ve been ridiculously busy and… emotionally unstable. So I haven’t been in Blogland much, of late.)

  7. Matthias here.

    I was going to say, “If I had a blog I’d leave a post ‘Just for Christine.'” Then I looked above the “Leave a Comment” box and saw that I was logged in…because I do have a blog…a blog I forgot about. So now I can leave a “Just for Christine” post. Watch out for it.

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