Hour 33…

August 12, 2007

I have been up since 7:12 am yesterday. (I remember the time, because I slept through my alarm. I was supposed to be at the conference to open the bookstore at 7:30. For the record, I actually made it on time. I was just really gross until about 4:30 pm when I got to go home and take a shower.)

Anyway…. that means that I am just minutes away from the 33-hour mark. And almost delirious.

David and I didn’t finish up with bookstore stuff until about 2 am last night. We sat down outside briefly to make sure the alarm did not go off for no reason and then, after talking a bit, it was suddenly 3:30. I had a briefing at 5:30, so I just spent those two hours in the prayer room… doing screens for Clay’s team. Oh how I miss that team.

Anyway… staying up to be sure that I didn’t miss my set this morning may not have been so brilliant of an idea. I think I literally fell asleep at least 50 times. Seriously. I nodded off while typing… while singing… I even started to fall asleep while standing a couple of times. (Nearly fell over.) I have never lost consciousness so many times within a two hour time-span.

All of that to say… sleep is good. I need sleep. The conference was good. The conference is over. Praise the Lord.



  1. Oy, perhaps Brian’s blog was prescient.

    Oh, and there’s something “long live the king” in the closing “conference” schtik I like it.

  2. well, you goob, you should have just kicked me and told me to take over. 🙂 i could have done screens all cry-faced. it certainly wouldn’t have been the first time.

    thanks also for your messages today; i totally didn’t deal with my phone much of the day in general because everyone and their brother was calling me, so i apologize for not getting back to you specifically about hanging out. it was a super-huge joy to get to share some of my birthday with you at the party. thanks for coming and for staying up with us! i miss your face. i want to see more of it! yes.

    i need to go to sleep… that probably makes a couple of us, huh? 😉

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