I love my students

September 12, 2007

Which is precisely why I hate teaching right now.

I know, I guess that kind of doesn’t make sense.

Here’s the deal. My geometry students at TDA are a fantastic bunch of kids. Seriously. I think I have come to enjoy them more every single day.

I love seeing their personalities come out a bit. I love what they are giving their lives to. I love the fact that they have chosen (yes,  I know their parents had some part in it as well) to study at a school where the spiritual disciplines and the knowledge of God are being pursued with excellence in addition to their academic studies.

The fact that I love these students so much makes it particularly painful to feel that I am doing a poor job of teaching them. I want to serve them better. I want to better practice all of the theory that is bouncing around in my head concerning education. I want to come to class prepared. I want to run my class in such a way that it will challenge them and draw out their potential.

And instead… we have my present reality. I feel like I am hardly keeping up with lesson plans. And when I do have something planned, I end up having to adjust the whole thing drastically because we are progressing more slowly than I would like.

I simply do not have enough time to give to this class. And it is killing me.

I know that I am learning and I know that it is likely to continually get better. Things have improved considerably from week to week already.

In the mean time, however… this is really hard.



  1. Alas, love is that way . . .

    Um, and I would say that the fact that you love your kids the way you do is a sign of significant success, no matter how you might feel to the contrary.

  2. i agree with Joel, that and the fact that you are wrestling with these issues shows that you are in fact, a good teacher. you’re just learning to walk it out. carry on.

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