Happy Birthday Jason Bourne

September 13, 2007

I mean… David Webb. Whatever.

OK… before any of you start to think that I am either insane or… well… insane… let me explain.

No, I don’t think David Webb is a real person. No, I’m not one of those obsessed movie people who memorizes every fact of the movie and then goes on with life as if the characters really exist.Β  No, I don’tΒ  have a third point, but it felt like there should be a third “No…”

So, Amanda and I decided that we enjoyed the Bourne movies enough to justify watching the first two at home on Wednesday and then heading back to the theater to watch the third on Thursday. So that is exactly what we did.

We were sitting there, happily watching our movie, when David Webb’s paperwork popped up on the screen. I looked at the date for his birthday. 9.13.70. Wait a minute… that’s today’s date.

We went to watch the Bourne Ultimatum on David Webb’s birthday. And I decided that was blog-worthy. How cool are we?

So, happy 37th, Mr. Webb. I hope you remember your life and stuff… and that people stop hunting you down for deciding that you don’t want to keep killing people. Sigh… life as a trained killer.



  1. So I think it says something unique about us that you remember the exact date from the sheet, and I remember the exact spelling of his last name… “Bourne”.

    The numbers genius (that’d be you) and the word nerd (that’d be me) strike again. What a team!

  2. FWIW, I think that the Bourne movies are one of contemporary art’s most powerful metaphors for the human condition–the struggle for identity and purpose, the battle against self-(um, and “other-“)destruction and what-not. I can’t wait for “Bourne Again” . . .

    Oh, and, btw, you *are* cool. πŸ™‚

  3. Heehee… I made Amanda sit down and watch the first two Bourne movies a couple of weeks ago… I’m not sure if it was enjoyed or not, but at the very least I managed to suck someone else into my little world. SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the third movie yet, his birthdate is actually NOT 4/15/71… otherwise wishing him happy birthday on 9,13,07 would be pretty pointless.

    PS, he is very mobile, agile, and hostile for an almost 40 year-old… Hopefully they will produce The Bourne Betrayal in the near future.

  4. Adam: Very mobile for an almost 40-year-old??? How old do you think 40 is, anyway??? Keep that up, and I can show you hostile… πŸ˜‰

  5. Amanda – Wow. What a silly spelling error. At least I was consistent, eh?

    Dad – Yeah… there’s nothing quite as assuring as having your father tell you that you are cool. πŸ™‚

    Adam – In response to your “PS”: Die Hard. That’s all I have to say. Die Hard.

    Dorean – This seems like something to be remembered and pulled out on Adam’s 37th birthday.

  6. Lol, that just leaves on response. “You just killed a helicopter with a police car!” “… I was out of bullets…”

    Oh, and since Bourne is 37, I’m going to say that Jesus is going to come back before my 35th birthday. So you will have to wait to use the joke until my 370th birthday, I guess…

  7. sorry for the odd Isaiah referrence to the millenium… it didn’t come out as funny as it was in my head.

  8. Jason’s birth date (as related to him by Pam at the end of the Bourne Supremacy) was 4-15-71. In the plot of the Bourne Ultimatum this same date was used as a phony date given him as a code for the address of SRD and some analyst determined that his birth date was 9-15-70. So his real birth date changed from the 2nd to the 3rd film.

  9. my name really is david webb. So what you may be thinking, there are proberbly quite a few david webb’s in the world, but get this , my birthday is 1/15/1971, pretty close and that is definetly my fifteen minutes of fame.shame i hav’nt had a single penny in royalites for all this. Whos ass to i have to kick?

  10. Of course, David, as the David Webb, you’d figure out whose ass to kick, you’d find it, you’d kick it, and we’d be entertained. So, um, get to it. πŸ˜‰

  11. whats the fake DOB of David Webb?

  12. plzzzzzzzzzzz tellllllll

  13. So freaky! I watched the Bourne Ultimatum tonight and saw the birthdate that was on the computer screen. I thought, wow how weird! But I wasn’t certain I had seen what I thought and while sitting at my computer about 30 mins later I googled the birthdate of Jason Bourne and found your blog!
    The first thing I noticed was the date of your blog-9/13!!! Then I read what you wrote about coincidentally going to see the 3rd movie on SEPT. 13, 07. By now I am like, what’s up!?
    The reason for all of my amazement? MY birthday is 9/13 and I consider it to be a very lucky day as I was supposed to die but, of course, I didn’t! So, these numbers have always been my lucky numbers and they are constantly showing up in some way in my life!
    Wow, thanks for writing this blog!

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