I miss the night watch

September 17, 2007

I just had to pause for a moment to say that. I really miss the night watch.

I am beginning to love teaching more and more every day. Which doesn’t mean that I’m entirely giddy about it… or even ready to consider signing up for another year… but I am at least gaining confidence that I am going to make it through this year.

I love my students. They are wonderful. I really don’t love days, though. People always seem shocked when they ask and I give them that honest answer. Maybe if I saw the sun more often. But still… probably not. I’m pretty sure that I really, actually WAS made for the night watch. I know that might sound crazy… but the last month and a half have really strengthened that belief.

It’s not that I am completely without relationships or anything. Or that the prayer room is a dead and barren place during the day. I have friends. I love the 6 am section. I just don’t like sleeping at night.

Well… that isn’t exactly true. I have found that sleeping while it is dark outside is actually quite amazing. But I don’t enjoy it enough that I couldn’t make the sacrifice.

I don’t sleep that well, anyway.

Speaking of such things… I need to go to bed. My bed-time is in 1o minutes, and I have decided to be violent about my sleep schedule for the next two weeks. I needed to do something. So I’m giving it my all for the next two weeks. And if things STILL aren’t working at all, I will re-evaluate my schedule. Something’s gotta change.

To those who are standing through the night and praying… I love you. I love what you are doing and I love the way that you are setting your lives before Him. The night watch is such a beautiful community. I miss you guys. And I absolutely love and respect the way that you are corporately going beyond what is required of you and really seeking to do this thing with excellence. You are such leaders in the house. You really do contribute a lot to our IHOP family. And not just between the hours of midnight and 6 am.

I am grateful to know that you are praying while I am sleeping. Or… while I am trying to sleep.

OK… five minutes to hopeful lack of consciousness. Gotta run.



  1. The Nightwatch misses you too!!!

  2. Love your blog. Something to try with sleep is to always get up at the same time, but only go to bed when you’re sleepy. Your body will figure it out. Good luck.

  3. Cara – thanks!

    Jim – I have so many excuses as to why that one won’t work. But, in the end, they are mostly just excuses. Perhaps I should give it another try.

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