Todays Search: Things that drive me crazy

September 18, 2007

Here is another search that lead someone to this blog:

but if your not there than i don’t know

Oy. I will say it again: Oy.

This time, I am not even going to inquire as to how my blog was a destination on that ill-started search. I am too distracted by the typos to go there right now.

~ I don’t know what a “not there than i don’t know” is. But I know that I don’t have one. So there is no such thing as my “not there than i don’t know”. I doubt that you have one either… so I think we can rule out “your not there than i don’t know” altogether.

~ I’m not even sure what to say about than. So I am not going to.

To the one searching… sorry if my response was a bit harsh. We’ve just hit on a couple of my little “I’m a grammar snob” pet peeves. I’m sure I made all sorts of really embarassing grammatical and spelling mistakes in the writing of this post. And surely, in the hundreds of words that I wrote in this blog, I have made those specific mistakes once or twice.

However, I do have a suggestion. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, I recommend trying this search:

butt iff your knot their than eye doesn’t no



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! You are too funny!

  2. how about madgabbing it (I pushed a little but I think it works and I didn’t want it to be too obvious):
    bud tiff yarn hot dare thin Ida hone tin hoe

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