The Fruitcake that is My Schedule

September 26, 2007

Why am I calling my schedule a fruitcake? Well, it was the first really dense conglomeration of mushed-together stuff that I could think of. Actually, kind of the only one. One large substance made from a tighly packed collection of thematically related elements.

I am a human being, so there are a few basic scheduling necessities:
I sleep (though I’m working on trying to do more of that and in a more consistent way).
I eat (also working on more consistency with that one).
I hydrate (I consider myself to be quite skilled in this activity).

I am also an intercessory missionary, so we add a few more necessities:
I spent time in the prayer room (and I am not shifting these hours to fall between 10 PM and 2 AM each day).
I go to FCF each week.
I raise support.
I go to things like team briefings.
I have service hours (addressed below).

I am a manager at the Forerunner Bookstore, hence:
I work 36-40 hours each week (on paper; reality looks something more like 40-55 hours).
I get lots and lots of phone calls when I am not physically present in the bookstore (we’re working on the boundary thing).
I think about work a lot when I am not there.
I forget that I don’t live in the bookstore and wander in from time to time.
I dream about the bookstore with some regularity.

I am a high school teacher for the Daniel Academy, meaning:
I stand in front of class of 11 students and teach for two hours each week.
I drive to school early to prep for class each day.
I get a lot of chalk in my clothing and in my hair (not really a schedule-related element…)
I write lesson plans and determine homework assignments.
I write tests, quizzes, and warm-up activities.
I grade assignment and such and record grades.
I record attendance and monitor completion of homework.
I try to assess (from the information I have) how my students are doing and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
I fight with that lovely little program we call RenWeb.
I think a lot about my students and how to better serve them.
I lay awake sometimes thinking about how to handle specific student situations.
I address parent and school leadership concerns.
I get really mad at myself for not being a better teacher (we’re trying to cut down on this one).
I read lots and lots of TDA emails.

I love God and want to know Him more, so:
I am in a study group that is going through Oden’s Word of Life (2 hours of discussion time and lots of Christology reading).
I am in a study group that is going through Moltmann’s Spirit of Life (2 hours of meeting time and plenty of Pneumatology reading).
I read 5 Psalm and 1 chapter in Proverbs each day.
I am trying to reawaken the Hebrews memorization plan that halted at the time of my mother’s death.
I cry a lot.
I have other short-term Bible reading plans that I go through.
I try to talk to Him all day.

I am broken and want to be whole, which means that:
I spend 3 hours each week in a heart-wrenching meeting that I like to call “Happy Fun Time”.
I have a considerable amount of homework that, when taken very seriously, consumes a lot of time.
I cry a lot.

I care about my friends and value relationship, and so:
I spent time praying for my friends.
I try to squish time with friends into my increasingly limited free time.
I lose sleep over broken relationships.
I cry a lot.

I love writing and it helps me process, so, at least in theory:
I spend a significant amount of time journaling.
My emails get pretty long and take a while to write.
I blog fairly regularly (keep in mind… I said this was “theoretical”).

I think that Richard Liantonio has a lot to contribute to us (this community and the body of Christ), and this means that:
I read as many of his school papers as he gives me access to.
I intend to attend class each time it meets (at least for systematic theology 3hrs/night, 4 nights/week when it comes up again).
I read through his notes and make nitty-gritty detail editing remarks (you know… commas, word tenses, etc.).
I try to find ways to make his notes more accessible to the average not-a-pure-genius reader/listener.
I tell him that his sentences are too long or too complicated (… a lot).
I consistently argue for more structured ways of organizing his notes.
I write a lot of silly and completely unnecessary notes in the margins while I am editing.
I argue with Richard about commas, sentence length, organization, and presentation of an argument.
I accuse him of throwing pudding at people.
I believe and try to frequently remind him that he is an excellent communicator.
I try to think of ways that his communication could be improved and strengthened.
I seek to apply things to my life when he convinces me of them.
I try to give feedback on how significant I think a lot of the things he is saying are and the ways in which they have impacted my life.
I listen to Richard when he speaks.
I spent a lot of time talking to people about the things that he has made me really think about.
I agree to help with random little projects that will help with developing his class/classes, message, papers, etc.
I cry a lot.

I am an introvert to the max, and thus:
I need a fair amount of alone time to wind down at night.
I need to be alone for a while if I’ve spent too much time around people.
I can get caught up in reptitive, mindless activities that allow space for just thinking and dialoguing with God alone.

And now I must go and pursue that sleep thing a little further.



  1. Three things that stick out to me:

    1. “Happy Fun Time” – yeah. sigh. in the famous words of travis damme: “me too.”

    2. I listen to Richard when he speaks. – talk about time-consuming… 🙂

    3. I cry a lot. – while travis’s famous words are decently applicable once more, i think it might be a better road to just say this: crying means healing. more, Lord.

    i like you and your face. sleep well.

  2. WOW! That is a fruitcake of a schedule.

    And to think that I thought my schedule was crazy.

  3. I love fruitcake . . .

  4. Hahaha… time-consuming indeed.

  5. and I thought my load as an Intercessory Missionary was big… you got it kinda rough…

  6. Funny story that I should stumble onto your page as I’m browsing IHOP + cult. I personally don’t believe it is a cult, as a matter of fact in three days I’ll be attending the onething internship. I’ll probably see you around, I’m obsessed with the bookstore. However, I did just get back from Fascinate ’08 a few weeks ago. While there, I picked up a book from your lovely establishment titled “Casting Demons Out”. Who the author was escapes me at the moment. However, I do recommend that you have someone on the staff go over the teachings in the book. Some of the basic things that the book perpetuates are: that people who raise their hands during prayer are possessed by demons, speaking in tongues is a type of demonic possession and that because we fail to teach our children the dangers of possession, many of them are also possessed.

    If you have any questions, just let me know:

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