Meghan Roberts

September 29, 2007

As you may have noticed, it has been a long time since I posted to tell you about how amazing the people on my blogroll are. Well… I am finally getting back to it. So, picking up where we left off… here we have the delightful Meghan Roberts…

It feels like Meghan has been gone for ages. I really miss her a lot. It almost feels funny to be writing about here when it has been so long since I have seen her. But the distance that time has created in my interactions with this terrific woman of God may serve as a filter that sets apart the things that are must remarkable about her. These are the things that I remember most when I think of Meg. These are the things about her that stand out in my memory.

Meghan and I met just over a year and a half ago. I was looking for roommates to fill a new house. We didn’t really know each other at all, but I pretty much knew instantly that I wanted to live with this girl. She was fantastic.

Because we didn’t just want to live together as strangers, we started hanging out a bit, making a few random trips to this little coffee shop that stays open past midnight. Though I didn’t know her well, I quickly grew comfortable with her. Meghan is just like that. It is easy to feel safe and comfortable with her. She is warm… and kind… and easy to talk to.

In general, I would say that Meghan has a gift with people. Whether she is serving or connecting with a near strangers or spending time with a good friend, she creates this safe environment where you feel like you can let your guard down and be at ease in being who you are and doing what you do. Perhaps this is why she exceeds so much as a waitress. It’s hard to enjoy a meal when you feel uncomfortable every time your waitress walks up to the table, isn’t it? I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but life felt more peaceful around her.

Though she has been away from the IHOP bubble for some time, I have great confidence that she is out there doing this thing for real. I’m sure she’s stumbled through it. I’m sure she’s encountered a great deal of her own weakness. But her leaving IHOP does not in any way equate to her ceasing to love the Lord and wholly pursue Him. It takes an amazing strength (a whole lot of grace) to live a life of prayer without the support and encouragement of a community like ours directly surrounding you every day. 

Another thing that really stands out in my memories of Meghan was the amazing giver that she is. She is a thoughtful giver and a joyful giver. She delights in blessing others. And the way that she gives bears witness to the way that she sees them. Her gifts aren’t random. She remembers things and recognizes things and finds a way to give something to a person that speaks to who they are and the reality that they are seen. 

Meghan is enjoyably genuine and genuinely fun. She is a very real person. She is genuine and loves truth. But she is real in a way that is not abrasive. And, as I said, she is genuinely fun. I had a ridiculous amount of fun with that girl. Perhaps it was the simple reality of being so at ease around her. When the tensions dissipate, it’s a lot easier to enjoy life.

Meghan is also one who perseveres. She is remarkably good at “pushing delete” and moving forward. She doesn’t let weakness stop her altogether.

And… Meghan is coming to town! How exciting is that. What’s funny is that I wrote this post, clicked save so that I could go to the prayer room last night, and then returned to find a comment from her informing me that she was coming. Timing is funny like that. (The only thing I have written since getting her comment was this little paragraph here.) So… I am really excited to see her again! Woo hoo!

OK… that’s it. Just a few words about Miss Meghan Roberts.


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  1. I kept thinking how I shouldn’t comment on this about myself because well, that’s silly – but I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t read or appreciate what you’ve said. Reading all those things that you see in me shock/surprise/ and encourage my heart. I under estimate myself, as we all sometimes do. But hearing all of that from you, someone whose opinion I value so much – it just means a lot for you to say all that. I always knew that even though time passed and we haven’t connected in a really long time – that our friendship still runs deep…and you my friend are amazing, and I am blessed by you. And I mean it. But you know that. ok the end. love you!

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