A little progress

October 7, 2007

At the beginning of the day, today, I had over 400 emails in my inbox. 400 completely unsorted emails in my IHOP account. What a mess.

By 5pm today, I had it down to 40. I’ll keep working on it. Soon it won’t be so overwhelming. Soon.

It felt like a big accomplishment, though it is so small in comparison to the many things that seem to be in total disarray right now. Like my room. Oy, my room. And, of course, my other email address could use some serious maintenance, as well.

The sad thing is… all of this stuff really affects me. I don’t function well when everything is in such disorder. 

I’m not sure why I am sharing all of this. I guess I just wanted to take a couple of seconds to celebrate the fact that I just sorted and deleted more than 350 emails today. Baby steps.



  1. I read a card today that said “baby steps; big heart” and it made me think of you. In fact, I think you’re leaping more than you give yourself credit for, but the reality is that generally, for various reasons, we only get to take baby steps. But you have a big heart, so keep shuffling forward and, even if you don’t think you’re making progress, keep crying out and facing toward the One who loves you most.

  2. Just an update for everyone: my inbox is now down to 10 emails. That’s right… ten. You can count them on the fingers of one average person.

    Three are there so that I can easily refer to them (as they contain important information). Three require making a decision and taking action. Two require sitting down to take the time to respond. And two of them are there to serve as reminders of things that need to happen this week.

    Very manageable. Happy inbox.

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