I Love Creation

October 20, 2007

Every time I find myself out in nature, I always come back to the place of, “Wow, God. Good job!”

There’s something about rocks and trees and streams that makes me feel more alive. Especially if I am anywhere near mountains. Mountains just do something to me. I can’t explain it. I may never be able to. But… if you want to see me really free and really myself, you’ve gotta get me in the mountains.

While the Poconos aren’t exactly my beloved Rocky Mountains, I found that they were more than sufficient to exhilarate my little nature-loving heart.

We just spent the day up at Bushkill Falls. Oh my goodness, beautiful.

For the record, Amanda and I “Survived the Red Trail”… every muddy path, rocky slope, treacherous root… and all 1267 stairs. Yes… stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. (Don’t worry. Those who know me well may have instinctively gone, “Oh my goodness. She counted them.” I didn’t. The gift shop had lots of exceedingly ugly magnets, mugs and… moderately cute shot glasses. That’s where I got my information. I don’t usually count to numbers in the 1200 range.)

Actually, to be completely accurate, we didn’t cover EVERY inch of the red path. There was this middle portion we didn’t venture through… but we covered multiple sections more than once.

I even ran back up one particularly daunting stair-filled slope by myself. I just had to get a picture at the top of the little waterfall. And yes, I did literally run. That is, until I got about half way up a set of stairs that I had thought were pretty steep when we were walking DOWN them. Haha… it’s amazing how much larger stairs can get when you are fighting gravity. After the stairs, I took to running again, and finally reached the desired ledge, quite red and completely out of breath. Was the picture with it? Eh… maybe, maybe not. But the experience itself was worth it.

Anyway, I’m not sure what else to say, but the day was amazing. My legs really hurt. And we’re going to New York tomorrow. But I cannot even begin to express how alive I feel right now.

Pictures are soon to follow, but I am in desperate need of a good shower.

… I’m loving Pennsylvania.



  1. OK, so pictures will come tomorrow. I forgot that my laptop is on central time. It’s almost 1 am and we need to leave the house by 8 tomorrow morning. Must sleep…

  2. I was surprised, the one time we visited there, at how green it is in PA. I’m glad you’re near the mountains. Enjoy them for me some, too.

  3. So… I’m probably not posting pictures. But Amanda has several on her blog. So… if anyone wants to see them and hasn’t found them already… click the Amanda links and they’re somewhere near the top…

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