Incredible Nap

October 25, 2007

Yes, of all of the amazing things I could be writing about from this last week, I have decided to blog about the nap I took this afternoon.

There were many particularly wonderful factors in this nap. Let’s start with qualities that the nap lacked:

1 – A nap taken out of absolute necessity – i.e., I got 90 minutes of sleep and was about to pass out, but had 20 minutes between commitments to pass out for a bit.

2 – Severe time restraints – the nap that will throw off your entire day of you oversleep by 5 minutes.

3 – Impossibly high expectations – the fruits of dreaming all day about the chance to take a quick nap at some point in the day.

4 – Anxiety about failing to reach a state of unconsciousness in time for the nap to be even remotely worthwhile.

5 – A chaotic napping environment – roommate noise… or simply the pitiful condition of my apartment for the last 8 and a half months.

6 – Lots of brain traffic as I lay down to get a little rest.

7 – The presence of an alarm clock. (… and all that goes along with that)

So… you eliminate those 7 things and the nap already far exceeds 98% of the naps I have ever taken.

I’m not sure when the last time was that I experienced brief sleep quite like that.

First, I didn’t really plan on taking a nap. I was sitting on top of the mostly-made bed folding laundry. When I finished, I just kind of fell over onto my side and laid there for a second, contemplating what I might do next. (Call it a “task well done” celebration.) And then, out of nowhere, I wasn’t awake anymore.

At one point, I thought my phone was ringing and I tried very hard to wake up. But I couldn’t do it. I seriously had to fight to open my eyes. But when I did, I couldn’t even make myself move… and my eyes quickly closed again. It was enough to notice that the face of my phone wasn’t lit up. I kind of tried for a bit to wake up, but it just wasn’t happening. I was out. It felt like I had just been rustled from an extremely deep sleep.

I had several dreams about waking up. They weren’t stressful. It’s not like I had to be anywhere. The thing is… I didn’t wake up. I just kept dreaming on.

Finally, I woke up. And when I did, I sat right up, got out of bed, and was wide awake. As easy as that. I was just awake… and alert, and fine. Apart from my extended absence, I don’t think that there was any evidence that I had napped.

Oh for more naps like that in my life. Wouldn’t it be lovely?



  1. All I want is a room somewhere/far away from the cold night air/with a honkin’ big dehumidifier there/oh …

  2. naps are super cool.

    i want one!

  3. Yeah they are. 🙂 And the truly restful and unrestricted ones are something else altogether. I’m hooked! (Unfortunately, I don’t expect to have the opportunity to take another one for a good long while.)

  4. It occurs to me that our communion with the Holy Spirit is a nap-earnest on the great dreamy Sabbath that awaits us on the other side. Hey, it wasn’t all my idea: that’s kind of mash-up of some biblical truths. Sleep is holier than we give it credit for.

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