Don’t Make Me Go!!!

October 27, 2007

We have to leave PA this afternoon. And I am not particularly happy about it. It has been such an amazing trip. Sigh…

So, rather than think about all of the things I have to get started on when I get home (lots of homework and tests to grade… lesson plans to write… getting caught up in the bookstore, etc.), I am taking this opportunity to start a list of the things I still need to do in PA. All of my excuses for making another trip out here after a while. I’ve gotta do it. I’ve just gotta.

Feel free to contribute suggestions. I will just continue coming back and adding more things as comments.

Let the list begin…



  1. Jim’s. Two different sources have told me it’s the place to go for cheesesteaks. We didn’t make it to that one. So… must go to Jim’s…

  2. Meeting the Barney couch. He hasn’t moved in yet. I must come back to the Beattie home to meet the famed Barney couch and offer my opinion on the degree of similarity in the purples.

  3. This one probably won’t be an option anymore when I finally get out here again… but:

    Drive down to the southern tip of New Jersey and freak Kirk out by calling him from his mom’s phone. If only I had thought of that one sooner.

  4. This week we relly only went north and east.
    There is a vast wonderland of Amish buggys and outlet shopping to the west, including amazing amish buffets like Hershey Farm.

  5. Oh, don’t forget the Chocolate mecca in Hershey PA. Also west and a bit north. It’s no longer a real factory tour, but they do give away samples…

  6. There are probably three or four starbucks in the greater PA area that we haven’t been in, yet. 😉

    Where is the restroom, please?

  7. 1) Meet Mrs. I.

    2) Eat cheesecake.

    3) Actually hike through Valley Forge.

  8. Thanks for the good word regarding Philly – come back soon! CBB

  9. Thanks to the Beatties and Liantonios for making my little girl’s PA experience a good one. 🙂 Truly, I am grateful that y’all are part of her life and hope to get to meet you sometime.

  10. Thanks, Amanda – I’m looking forward to meeting you, too!! I’m glad you and Christine enjoyed your stay in PA. Next time………Chocolate World!!! Have a great week!

  11. Yes, I absolutely agree on the need to do those:

    – Lancaster and such…
    – Free chocolate… I love the sound of Chocolate world… what’s not to love about that?
    – Those 3 or 4 starbucks we managed to miss…
    – Hang out with Mrs. I for a bit…
    – Cheesecake IN NYC…
    – Enjoy Valley Forge on foot…

  12. Also:


    ~ Borrow a few key photographs from the Liantonios and make COPIES of them. (digital pictures of glossy prints just don’t turn out very well. They’re so blurry on my camera)

    ~ Visit Beth Yeshua on a Saturday

    ~ See the Liantonio house when they sun is up???

    ~ View my name plate on the door of the room I stayed in at the Beattie house

    ~ Cook for the Beatties??? (Of course, in truth… all I can really do is bake.)

    ~ Experience winter in PA

    ~ Experience spring in PA

    ~ Do SOMETHING in New Jersey – other than stop to use the restroom a few times. Oy… my sad little bladder.

    ~ Drive down “2, 2, 7, 17” and not have my bladder screaming for mercy.

    ~ Visit the House of Prayer in PA that Steph spent some time with.

    ~ Ride some sort of subway somewhere. Maybe take the 7 out to Flushing Meadows park where we had the Call NY a few years ago.

  13. Hi,Christine! Also looking forward to hanging out with you for a bit at some point in the future! What House of Prayer in PA are you referring to? Is it the one in Reading? Have a great day – : )

  14. You can take the subway to penns landing, ride the ferry across the river to Camden, and tour the aquarium. The battleship new jersey is also an interesting tour if you are into icky guy stuff.

    The liberty bell is also down that way, I hear.

  15. Wander Philly’s little Italy during the day…

    (Not sure where the house of prayer is. I’ll find out.)

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