Reason #87

October 31, 2007

This is reason number 87 that I love my geometry students: Wax seals. I have told my students that I will give them two bonus points if they use a wax seal to reseal their tests after they take them. (All of our tests for the Daniel Academy are done at home.) Well, they have responded and risen to the challenge. Last time, I got two wax seals. This time, I got something like 7 of them. It is so fun to see little snippets of their creativity. The seals are a lot of fun. They usually leave a little spot of oil that has bled through to the test itself. I can’t help but laugh as I am grading the tests and come across those little patches of greasy fragrance.

The prize for the first creative solution goes to Josh. He used what looked like a piece of jewelry to imprint some sort of “seal” into his wax… making it an actual seal and not just a wax blob.

I have been very impressed with the envelopes they have been bringing me. It’s a lot of fun to look at them. And I will probably keep them forever. Perhaps someday I’ll get around to posting some pictures.

Also worth noting: Philip consistently seals his tests far beyond what could ever be considered necessary. It’s so funny. There’s a good foot or two… or more of packing tape repeatedly wrapped around the outside of the envelope… staples… AND a wax seal. I have to admit, it’s a little difficult to break into the envelope to retrieve his tests. His mom is very careful to clarify that she is not the one responsible for the seal-the-test frenzy, but that Philip does it of his own free will. I would probably make a point of that if I was her, as well.

There are PLENTY of other incredible things about my students. I love them. I really enjoy them a lot. I’m not sure how much they are going to take away from the class… but I am getting a lot of enjoyment and fond memories out of the endeavor.



  1. RE: the “take away”.

    The classes that matter still to me are those where there was passion and joy–teachers who modeled (and thus instilled in their students) enthusiasm and fun in what we were studying. I can still remember my Phaedo teacher, who happened to be named John Madden (no, not that guy) and who was my adviser the short time I was at UM. He’s one of the reasons that I didn’t abandon philosophy altogether and that I took the time to recognize Plato’s artistry (which is often overlooked by those attempting to extract thin strands of philosophy from his lovely texts). And, I’m happy to say, I’ve been blessed by several other enthusiastic and fun instructors, before and after Prof. Madden.

  2. That’s amazing. Thanks for the uplifting thought about loving students today.

  3. Wax seals! That is great teaching!!

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