Speaking of Giving In

November 9, 2007

I just created an account on facebook.

Oh, Lord, help me.



  1. The email from BroDon? Yeah, it may persuade me, too.

  2. Join Facebook? Why on earth would you do something like that…?

    Not that I would ever do such a thing… I mean… uh…

  3. no!


  4. I’m actually quite excited about a few things that facebook has done. I’ve gotten in touch with a few really significant people who I had mostly lost contact with. And that’s a really good thing.

    The reason was actually Amanda’s joining. And I guess I was just in a “giving up my stubborn resistence” kind of mood. She was creating an account and I just decided to do it. And… Richard’s continual remarks about facebook and my status as a resistor had really worn me down… truth be told.

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