Here We Go Again

November 10, 2007

Richard’s Systematic Theology class, “Transforming Theology”, begins again on Monday. As if I wasn’t busy enough…

This will be our third run at the class. I have been Richard’s assistant since he first taught the class in the spring of 2006.

This semester, Richard will actually have three assistants. One is working with him with the goal of eventually becoming a teacher for the school. Another needed a tuition break. And then there’s me… the girl who has become so invested in the class that it would be really difficult to step out now.

Watching Richard’s class develop over the last couple of years has been amazing. I cannot adequately express how excellent this class truly is. Richard has poured a lot of time and energy into this thing. Being a part of the class (and having that material set before me again and again) has certainly changed my life. And I have watched it change other lives, as well.

The last printout Richard gave me of his notes was at 460 pages. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they had exceeded 500 pages since then. In essence, Richard is in the very early stages of writing a book. A very long book.

My primary role in the class is helping Richard prepare his notes and helping him develop the class for future semesters. It’s like I have become his personal editor and critic. I give him feedback on the things that are strong and the areas that can be improved. We seem to work well together in this way.

Recently, Richard tried to pin a critique that his mother had given of his EGS message on me. (She was communicating an observed weakness to him over the phone… after we had just watched him speak together.) When I asked him, “Am I really that critical of you?”, his response was an unhesitating yes. But he qualified it: “In the most delightful way.”

I guess I can accept that.

I am really excited about the class. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and wish that I could put a few other things on pause just so that I could give myself more fully to this… but we can’t always do everything that we want to do… even if they are good things.

So… if I don’t blog much in the next month… that’s at least one reason why.


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