I guess it makes sense…

November 24, 2007

First things first… This is not going to be one of those deep, meaningful posts. OK… commence ramblings on my observations of relatively minute details of life.

I have often been amazed by the incredible frequency with which I find myself replacing a roll of toilet paper. Seriously, I am convinced that I change those things far more than the average person. I only wish there were a way to get some actual statistics on that.

We’re talking the bathrooms at home, the bathrooms in other people’s homes… and even a peculiar number of public restrooms. In fact, I change TP rolls a great deal less in my own bathroom than I do in other places. Changing toilet paper rolls is just a regular event in my life.

I used to be really puzzled by it… and then, one day, it suddenly made sense. I drink a lot… which means that I go to the restroom a lot… which means that I encounter rolls of toilet paper a lot… which greatly increases my chances of being the person to stumble upon a roll that is on its last sheet.

Also boosting my weekly TP replacement average is the simple fact that I understand that replacing a roll of toilet paper really isn’t extraordinarily difficult. Some people would rather budget usage and leave one sheet awkwardly clinging to the roll than be the one to unwrap or grab another and leave it in the depleted roll’s place. I can understand that avoidance. Sometimes the replacement TP is hard to find. Especially in the public restrooms. I guess I just consider the task my service to restroom users everywhere.

On the bright side, I am getting pretty good at finding TP stashes. Surely that will come in handy someday. Right?…



  1. Sounds like the stuff of a must-have how-to book.
    I’m sure the “dummies” folks will be contacting you.

  2. Way to be a servant, Christine!

  3. I have a friend in Tulsa who is in the same predicament. She lives in a house with 3 other people, with a total of 3 bathrooms, and she had one day where she ended up changing the rolls in all three bathrooms. We met at another friend’s house for Bible study once a week, and she was the only one that ended up needing to replace the roll during meetings (they went all day…). One week we met at my house, and, sure enough, she had to change it there, as well. And I had checked ahead of time and was just sure there was enough! Guess it must be a special anointing, huh?

  4. If it’s an anointing, perhaps it can be wiped off. I wonder what we could use to do that?

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