My Header

November 30, 2007

So, just a quick word about my new header. ‘Twas designed by the one and only David Scoggan. I say that for two main reasons:

1. To give my wonderful friend credit for… doing what he did.

2. As an excuse to mention the fact that David is now blogging. I have eager anticipations of his blog posts. The birth of his blog is LONG overdue.

3. To clarify that I did not spell extremely with an a. We’ll try to get that one fixed soon.

To David – Thanks. (And… fix that word, if you get a chance.)

To everyone else – Go check out David’s blog.



  1. Umm… so… Did anyone notice that I said “two reasons” and listed three? Oops. I’m so amused by my failure to go back and change it after I decided that there were three reasons that I am going to just leave it… rather than edit it.

  2. And I was a math major…

  3. I noticed but gave you the benefit of the doubt in that I don’t see anything wrong with saying there are two main reasons and listing a third because, while it is a reason and does have a legitimate place in the list, it isn’t necessarily a main reason so could be properly excluded from the initial description. Granted, it might have been better to put something between the second and third (an “Also” or some such thing), demarcating it from the main reasons.

    Actually, after all of that convolution, I kind of like that construction (promising a certain number and delivering at least one more); it’s similar to the proverbial “six . . . yea, seven.” Admittedly, I tend to correct my lists to line up, but I think that’s because I’m gutless.

  4. What I hadn’t noticed until now is “rabblings,” which I assume refers to the incitement of mobs or of the common folk. Or perhaps “rabbling” is simple the act of being disorderly. Rabble on.

  5. Yes… it says rabblings. I didn’t notice that one until David sent me an updated version that corrected the original typo. (The updated version never made it up because I asked him to change that word as well. I’m so picky.)

  6. I noticed rabblings right away, but just assumed it was a clever reference to that sound the mcdonalds hamburgler used to make.

    Rabble rabble

  7. I’m starting to think, at this point that “rabblings” and “extreamely” are not only intentional but cleverly and condescendingly amusing and that David and Christine are mocking our lack either of sophistication or of spiritual insight or of some other gnosis which they and few others possess. I can only speculate that “extreamely” is a reference to the printed copy in which they both traffic and maybe it’s an inside joke at the FBS. Maybe, indirectly, it alludes to verbosity, in which case, I’m especially offended, because I think I can claim some contribution to that tendency, at least in Christine.

    But, anyway, since both, ahem, alleged misspellings are so fruitful and they’ve begun to grow on me (ooh, an unintentionally unmixed metaphor), perhaps they should be left alone.

  8. Joel: You could be on to something. I love conspiracy theories…

    I recall my first exposure to Rodney Howard-Browne, and how he explained that some of the wild stuff that happened in his meetings was perhaps simply to upset and chase away religious spirits. I’ve adopted this strategy to explain my own manifold eccentricities. It’s fun! 😉

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