Not Teaching Anymore

December 10, 2007

This actually happened about three weeks ago, but I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write about it. So… here it is.

As of November 19th, I am no longer a geometry teacher for the Daniel Academy. Praise the Lord. I will say it again… Praise the Lord.

We weren’t too far into the semester before I realized how seriously I had overcommitted. Between the bookstore, the prayer room, and teaching, I had far more on my plate than I could actually handle. And so I pleaded for mercy.

The Daniel Academy was amazing. They understood my desperation and released me from my contract. The only condition to my being released was that we find another teacher.

I didn’t actually find out that I was free until the night before my last class. I thought we would transition at the change of semester (to make things easier on the students and, especially, on the new teacher). But the email informed me that I would be introducing the new teacher to the class the next day, and that he would take over immediately.

I jumped up and down and squealed (several times) when I found out. I was actually free. My life was going to be… manageable again.

I am really excited about the teacher that I left my students with: my friend and fellow mathematician, Chris Fiorello. He is a perfect fit for the job and I know that the students will love him (and that he will love the students). I cannot think of a single person that I would have felt better leaving them with. So, while I miss my students a great deal, I know that they are in good hands. And I know that they will all grow and learn from their shared experience in the classroom. 

In all honesty, my little over-commitment binge may have been a bit of a coping mechanism. I was too busy to grieve. I was too distracted to really feel my pain. This became inarguably evident a couple of days before Chris took over. I wrote here about the day that the whole grief thing suddenly caught up with me.

It was a little painful, embracing the failure of not following through with my commitment to teach. But I feel oddly good about the whole thing. I made the right decision, letting go of the class. This was the best way to serve my students… and the best way to continue enjoying life.

As far as having made the commitment in the first place… I am not experiencing and extraordinary level of shame in regards to that, either. As Anne House put it, I needed to get it out of my system. I never would have known if I hadn’t given it a try. Now I know. And… I believe that I had a small, but meaningful, impact in the few months that I was involved with the school, helping them get started.

So… that is my latest good news. Good news for which I have constantly been thanking the Lord in the last few weeks.



  1. Hooray for you! I’m so glad!
    Thanks for the update on this situation.

  2. Good news, girl!

  3. Yeehaw! I’m so happy for you! I bet you celebrated with a Starbucks…:-)

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