Ready for a New Beginning

January 5, 2008

I, for one, am ecstatic that it is now 2008.

I know it doesn’t really make a difference. We just put an 8 in the date where we once had a 7. But it’s a great opportunity to distinguish it as something new… a new beginning.

2007 was a rough year. Quite possibly the worst of my life. It needed to end. It really needed to end.

In 2007, I intimately encountered death and loss. In 2007, I experienced devastation and heartbreak. In 2007 I lost my mother. In 2007 I experienced deep (though vague) accusation like I’d never known before and the loss of a friendship that was closer and more significant than any I had lost before. In 2007, I overcommitted and found myself in an extended season of doing nothing with excellence. 2007 was hard. 2007 led me to the place of desperation. 2007 stripped me of more than I knew I had to lose.

Yet, there are things to be grateful for. 2007 was a year in which I was met with the nearness, faithfulness, and goodness of God in a way that I had never known it before. 2007 is a year in which I received abundant affection and support from the body of Christ.

2007 had it’s share of beauty: two wonderful trips to the mountains and lots of Monet. And the beauty of hope and His promises. Many good new things came in 2007… like the bookstore and the Daniel Academy… and new friends.

2007 also bore the fruit of the previous year… lots of continual little choices that prepared me to choose wisely when the big choices came before me. 2006 was the gradual reawakening of my emotions… my introduction to feeling again. In 2007, I wept. I didn’t shut down emotionally and I felt deeply. My circumstances and the Lord’s perfect leadership in the midst of them taught me to love and to receive love in a way that was previously foreign to me. In 2006, I became convinced of the necessity and centrality of hope and waiting on the Lord. In 2007, my circumstances didn’t utterly destroy me and I stood in hope… watching and waiting and trusting and believing. In 2006, I got lots of good ideas about how I should live. In 2007, I learned to walk them out… by the painful new realities of my life.

2007 ended well… but praise the Lord that 2007 ended.


One comment

  1. i like you. and that you reflect well on things past. i pretty much never feel that “ugh”-feeling of “man i wish i hadn’t just listened to all that bad stuff come out of that person” after i talk to you or read the things you write. i tend to feel quite the opposite, truth be known, and for this i am thankful.

    2007 brought me more friendship with you. i am happy to recall this fact.

    2007 was painful, too, many a time. but 2007 was a good year. onward and upward, i say. 2008, here we come…

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