Oh the joys of vomitting…

January 9, 2008

This has been the primary occupation of the last 24 hours.

I’m really not sure what made me so sick. It could be something I ate, but Kacie is fine and she ate everything that I ate yesterday (with the exception of a sweet potato, and I cannot imagine that was the culprit). Unless my body is still that tuckered out from the conference and was merely ill-equipped to fight it.

On the bright side, I drank water and ate some crackers (thank you, Amanda) earlier and have not thrown up since. Though… the pain in my stomache and my general level of nausea have been on the rise in the last hour or so. I’m sipping on a can of ginger ale right now (thank you, Sarah).

I’m really praying that I feel better tomorrow. As much as I know my body could use the rest, I have a lot that I need to do tomorrow. A bunch of paperwork stuff from the conference was wrong and needs to be reprinted. And I really need to take care of the EGS and conference media.

I did go to work for two hours today. That was interesting. We had an important post-conference meeting and I needed to be there. I kept getting lovely little stomache-acid surprises in my mouth, throughout the meeting, but I could not bring myself to throw up in a public restroom. And so it ventured no further than my mouth. (I know… I’m sure you are loving the details.)

In any case, please be praying for healing in my body. No one particularly enjoys being sick and, as I mentioned, I have a lot to get done. Pray also that I sleep better tonight. What time wasn’t spent in the bathroom last night was spent pathetically wimpering in the fetal position, or resltlessly sleeping and dreaming about being sick. That’s right… I couldn’t even escape the pain in my stomache when I managed to be unconscious.

Though it has been a little over 24-hours already, I’m still holding on to the hope that I may wake up tomorrow feeling entirely better. Hey… it could happen. Let us remember, I have kept the crackers down, thus far. Earlier, just drinking water seemed to make me throw up. Then again, it’s hard to say that it made me throw up when I was probably already going to be throwing up anyway.

Oh dear… why am I blogging about this? I guess you write about the things that are on your mind and this is most definitely… on my mind. 🙂 It should be interesting to look at this later (when I am feeling better and am better rested) and wonder what on earth I was thinking.



  1. Christine, praying for a swift recovery!!!

  2. Mrs. I – Thanks for the prayers! I am feeling much better, today. Still in a lot of pain, but I was able to sleep through the night without getting up to throw up. I slept until 5:30pm today. The longer I am awake, the worse I feel. (Of course, I am only now approaching my second hour of consciousness for the day.) Nevertheless, the simple fact that I was ABLE to sleep makes me quite hopeful.

  3. How are you doing? We’re praying for you!

  4. Oh… hey… comment! Sorry! Missed that one.

    I’m doing quite well, thank you. No more vomitting. It’s really quite exciting.

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