The Houghton Crowd

January 17, 2008

The IHOP community has drawn a significant number of Houghton College graduates. As time goes on, my affection for this group continues to grow. I am realizing that they are truly among my favorite people.

If I were to give a generalized description, I would say that they are uniquely intelligent, love the Lord, and value prayer. What’s not to love?

My first encounter with Houghton college was in 2003, during my first track of FITN. I remember looking at one of the girls (a fellow intern) on stage with great bewilderment. She seemed adapt to the Harp and Bowl model with almost disturbing ease. It was baffling… until I learned that a group at her school had been doing harp and bowl worship and prayer for some time.

In addition to the Houghton girls in my first track of FITN, there were several Houghton people in my second track of FITN. I made the mistake of praying with them all during small group prayer one night. (I was in a calm, contemplative mood that night, and they… were not.)

Dating one of them in 2006 somewhat deepened my relationship with that group. Actually, breaking up with that individual had a strangely similar effect.

Two of them are fellow lovers of math (including this one). One of them is a worship leader on the team that I have been a part of since moving to KC… and he lets me help him with his FSM classes and his papers. Two led a morning prayer room team that I was briefly a part of. I am attempting to regularly have coffee/tea with one of them. I go to church with three of them. I have never actually met, but truly enjoy, one of them. And so on… and so on… and so on…

I’m sure that I wouldn’t have the same excessive enjoyment of everyone at Houghton. And perhaps I would not have loved them as dearly if I had known them in college. But, for now, I really appreciate the ones who have moved to our community and I am happy to call them my friends. They’re a great group.



  1. Thank you for this post. 😀 Though I am slightly biased, I think that the “Houghton crowd” is a great one. In fact, I miss those guys all the time! I think it’s so great that so many of us (except for me of course) are out there in KC.

    Take care of all of my dear friends! Someday soon I’m going to come out there to hang out w/ALL of you! 😀

    ~Jen :o)

  2. You know, we COULD do something about the fact that you’re the only one who is not out here. Just an idea…

    OK, so maybe Kansas City isn’t for everyone. I keep asking the Lord what I’m doing in the midwest. But, truth be told, my heart is quite happy here… even without the mountains. There’s beauty to be found around here. I just have to look for it.

    So… about visiting soon. One of these days we’re just going to have to come out there and kindnap you.

  3. I love Houghton, because its only like a half hour from where I live….and its a pretty campus, and I can claim it as something good thats come out of WNY besides the movement He’s birthing in the city of buffalo through Relevant Worship 😉 love to you friend!

  4. this is sooo funny… i thought you were talking about Houghton, Michigan. I was getting all exited because I know some of them and their pastor. The Houghton I know is in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and there are a few IHOP’ers from there as well. sorry, i will now know that there are at least 2 Houghton’s!! I am sure they are pronounced different as well.

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