I Love These People

March 14, 2008

Disclaimer: I’m pretty much just rambling here about a bunch of people I enjoy and why I enjoy them. If you don’t know these people… all of the names might get confusing and the blog may feel pointless. I just had a good night and felt like typing about it. And… I really needed to write a new post to get the last one off of my facebook profile. I can’t claim that this is particularly well-written either. Like I said… I’m just rambling about people that I like.

I love Thursday nights. Amanda and I cook for people. (Translation: Amanda cooks for people. I bake… and once every couple of months, I might venture out and actually cook something. But Amanda is actually good at it, so we generally leave that up to her. I figure it turns out better for everyone when we do it that way.) A bunch of our favorite people come over to our house. We eat, we talk, we play games, we love Jesus. It’s just an all-around great set-up.

Tonight, however, was uniquely beautiful.

Amanda made chicken and baked Mac & Cheese… the people rejoiced. I made a Jewish Apple Cake… the people devoured. (Amanda also had to make more chicken. The cake, once gone, was gone.)

The best part about the night, though, was the group that came. We had most of our regulars tonight, the regulars being a handfull of my favorite people on the planet. And then we had a few people who had rarely or never come in the past.

(Oh dear… I just started singing that stupid friendship song in my head. “… the new and the old. One is silver and the other…” Help! I fear that it may never go away.)

First, we have the incredible Kristen. For just this one moment, I wish that she wasn’t my boss so it didn’t feel or sound like I was sucking up. But, I’d much rather have the world label me as a suck-up than lose her as a boss. She is amazingly clear about her expectations, blessedly straight-forward, a truly strong leader, and remarkably gracious. It would be hard to find someone better to work for. Working together in the bookstore, I have seen a lot of her character come through. (Imagine the glimpse that you would get just through working the insanity that we call onething.)

I have only gotten to know her a little bit from activities outside of work. But tonight solidified every general conclusion that I was forming in regards to Kristen. I thoroughly enjoy this woman. Another case of “quickly becoming one of my favorite people.” I love her sense of humor and she’s a joy to be around. (And… I am positively delighted that she is dating one of the greatest guys I have ever known, the one and only David Scoggan.)

Then we have Alan. Or, Good Man Alan, as Kacie likes to call him. And it’s true: he is a good man. Alan is truly a brother to me. He gives fantastic hugs when I need them the most. He can call me beautiful without it confusing my heart. He listens. He cares. And he calls me on my stuff. That, my friends, is a good man. (Seriously ladies… a good man.) And he’s a total servant and really honors women in general. (Be careful, though, when he asks if you want your glass full. You may want to request that he stops a quarter-inch or so below the rim.)

A poor change-of-subject, a less-than-perfect choice of words, deteriorated with-it-ness of some of the parties involved,  and the fact that we ate <gasp> alone at Jack Stack last night led to a rather awkward exchange with another friend around 6:30 am (what I would also call “last night”). But… the awkwardness was easily clarified with more awkward conversations… so that is now a thing of the past. (But, as this paragraph reveals, it was sufficiently awkward to leave that “awkward situation residue” behind it when it left.)

(For the record, I am convinced that awkward is just an inescapable reality of my life. I can’t seem to get away from it. Fortunately, awkward is not evil. It’s not COMFORTABLE, but I don’t remember any guarantees that my life would be comfortable.)

We also had Lisa, Christina’s cousin. I didn’t get to talk with her for very long, but it was nice to interact with her a bit while she was in town. Very sweet girl. 

And then… the Kremer’s. Oh how I enjoy the Kremer’s. I’m really looking forward to continuing to get to know them as they get more connected and more comfortable with our worship team. Christine is joyfully open and present to those around her… and Micah is one of those “deep well”, “hidden treasure” kinds of people. He’s a gift that I think we will be gradually receiving.

A bunch of us ended up at Krispy Kreme at the end of the night. I already feel a little sick from the donuts. (This is why Krispy Kreme and I rarely get together.) Bleh feeling aside, it was totally worth the trip.

It didn’t take long before our group rearranged itself into a table of introverts and a table of extroverts. Our table: calm, quite conversation… and an oddly beautiful pyramid of donut boxes. Their table: loud(er), exuberant conversation… with lots of activity and rapid shifts in the conversation. The nice thing about that: it is much easier to get to know an introvert at a quiet table with just a few other introverts. Which means that we got a small glimpse into who Micah is.

One of these days, we’ll even manage to get Deborah here. I’m sure of it.


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