I Want TULIPS!!!

March 21, 2008

I really want tulips. They’re my absolute favorite flower. Unfortunately, they aren’t roses. Translation: they aren’t everywhere, all the time. (We need to do something about that. We being… Jesus?)

I don’t know what it is about tulips. I’ve done almost every tulip puzzle I could find on PuzzleBee (a very relaxing facebook application). I get super excited every time I see a tulip. They’re just beautiful. They’re so simple… and neat. They have a very smooth, simple-elegant, clean look.

Down-side of tulips… they’re pretty much impossible to save. At least I’ve never seen a tulip that looked good after it passed out of its glory days (which are usually relatively short). Roses are perfect to save (and I do). Their natural look carries on nicely to the dried-up look. A little wrinkle works for a rose. You start to introduce the bump factor to the petal of a tulip and you have completely destroyed its tulip-ness. And the petals lose their color… and fall off. Sigh… if only I could forever enjoy the beauty of a tulip.

Who knows…  maybe that is even part of why I love tulips so much: the simple fact that they are a relatively rare beauty… one that must be enjoyed while it can. Jesus… when you come back, can you maybe make tulips last a little longer?

I think my love for tulips began in 5th grade. (Random, right?) I was doing a project on the Netherlands… and that’s where the tulips came in. I remember sitting and trying to figure out how to draw tulips by looking at pictures from an encyclopedia in the library. And that’s when I really saw it. Tulips are beautiful.

I do enjoy roses, too. They’re a likely second to tulips. (Irises are pretty amazing as well, though. Especially when you get to watch them open up. Mmm… and I love a good lilly. OK, so it’s probably safe to say that I like flowers in general.) Because of the fact that you can save them, roses are better for some things. (Seriously… never hesitate to buy me a rose.) I just reserve the position of favorite for tulips.

Anyway, it’s about that time of year. Spring is about to officially begin (and tulips love early spring… before it gets too hot). Hopefully, they will begin to appear in some of the places (churches, etc.) that I have noted them in years past. And maybe I’ll just run down to my favorite flower shop (during their half-off happy hour) and buy some for the house. (Eventually… when I find the TIME to do that.)

Sigh… I love tulips.



  1. in australia, we pronounce ‘tulips’ as ‘choo-lips’

    i am not sure if that is how it’s pronounced in america.

    the end 🙂

  2. You should see the city where my cousin lives…Pella, Iowa. They have an annual tulip festival.


    And they are only about 2 or 3 hours away from you…hmmmm is a road trip in order? 🙂

  3. Oh its actually about 4 hours…but hey more quality time!!

  4. If Jesus made them last longer, would their name change proportionately?

    Threelips? Fourlips?

  5. Helen – I suppose tulips were probably not a frequent topic of conversation when you were in America. “Choo-lips”… that’s interesting. I kind of like it. I’m trying to hear it in my head in the middle of a sentence spoken with an Australian accent. (A delightful exercise, actually.)

    Heather – I think a road trip sounds brilliant. Of course, I will be out of town May 3rd through 10th… so it might be hard to make work.

    Brian – Oh dear. I hope not. You put anything more than two lips together and it just sounds frightening. (Upon reading the new names, I imagined some rather grotesque faces.) I love the way your mind works, though. It frighten me a little bit… but I enjoy it.

  6. I was intrigued by your flower choices, so I looked up the meanings of the flowers:



    Just thought you’d like to know a new random fact

  7. Rachel – Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Irises also represent hope. That’s probably my favorite meaning attached to that flower. It may also be why I love them so much (that, and they’re really awesome to watch as they unfold).

    I just found a site that said, “The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love.” I like that.

    Where did you find the flower meanings?

  8. http://bloomstoday.com/floralmeaning.php

    another really good one is
    http://www.teleflora.com/about-flowers/flower-meaning.asp?srccode=PIOVMD4 – you have to read the story about tulips, you’ll love it!

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