Just a Few Random Thoughts

March 30, 2008

Adoring Love
I miss the adoring love of a mother. Do you know what I mean? My mother adored me. (Not in an idolatrous way. As much of a narcissist as I may be, I don’t really like being worshipped all that much. When it comes down to it, it always feels appropriately off… and rather creepy.) But the way that a mother can look at her child and love it so completely… so powerfully. I miss that. I miss the way that my mother loved me and loved the things I cared about and filled my life with.

I’ve been crying a lot about my mom while recovering from being sick these last couple of days. I miss her so much.

Blue Like Jazz
I just, in the last 24 hours, read all of Blue Like Jazz. It wasn’t the most remarkable book I have ever read, but it was good. It really made me think about some things. And I like books that make me think. And, obviously the book was good enough that I kept on going until I was done with it.

There were some experiences and feelings that he explained and articulated remarkably well. Those small segments make the entirety of the book worth reading, if you ask me. Like any other book I’ve read, I disagreed with a lot of what he said. But I found that I appreciated how simple and real he was. The book was not entirely free of religious language, as it may hope to be, but it was not dominated by it… and that was refreshing.

And… there were many moments where I caught myself actually laughing out loud… because he he was just that funny.

One of the biggest topics that the book made my mind linger upon was the whole politics thing. Oh how I hate politics.

Wow, so this section got rather lengthy. I am just going to turn it into a separate post.

>> End random thoughts… HERE <<

>> Transition into political ramblings… <<


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