Too cute

April 6, 2008

This is what I am hearing in the background right now.

5… 7… 6… 8… 7… 9… OK, I’ll pause, I’ll pause… OK… 13… 13… 14… 14…

I think there’s still a bit of an echo. I think I’m behind you. 33-3… 34-4… 35-5… 36-6. OK, I’ll pause again. 47-7… 48-8… 49-9… Oh, now I’m behind you.

Why do your speakers seem so much louder than mine?

Yes, that’s right. Andrea and Wendy are sitting in my living room and synching the webstream on their computers. It’s priceless.

Mmm… and out come the in-ears. I think they gave up. Well, I’m glad I got to witness their valiant efforts while they lasted. It was delightfully entertaining.



  1. It’s true, we are very cute

  2. That’s true, we ARE cute.

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