Christine is in a Relationship

May 3, 2008

At least that’s what facebook says. And the reason that facebook says that, of course, is because it is true.

This has been an eventful (and very emotional) week. First, we had the situation of my Turmoil post. Then came the follow-through for my decisions in that super-vague post. And then I cried a lot. And then I cried a little. Then my relationship status on facebook changed. (Don’t worry, I don’t actually elevate the world of blogland and facebook over the realities that it echoes and dimly reflects.) And then I had an extremely difficult conversation.

And now, at last, I am making final preparations to leave town for a week. In that week, I won’t be on-line and don’t expect to have much opportunity to answer my phone. Don’t expect to hear from me until May 9th or 10th.

I assure you that I will endeavor to be much less vague when I return.


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