The Life of Hope

May 21, 2008

Cassie sang an old Misty song during her 4AM set tonight. Of course, when I say “old”, I mean that my primary memories of the song happened at least two years ago. Two years isn’t exactly a long time… but when you consider how many songs Misty has written since then… you can arguably call the song “old”.

Anyway… the strong struck me in a new way tonight. Well, it wasn’t exactly new. But it found synthesis with this whole other body of thought that has been a significant part of my life for the last couple of years. So I’m blogging about it.

Here are the words:

Happy am I to live a hungry life
And blessed am I to thirst
Disillusionment, it is my gift within
I am blessed, I am blessed among men

Happy am I to live a hungry life
Blessed am I to thirst
My desire for You, it is my gift within
I am blessed, I am blessed among men

It may seem a little twisted (like so many other amazing songs that Misty has written)… but it’s truth.

These words describe the life of hope in this fallen, broken world. Hope awakens a dissatisfaction with the way things are… so far from what they should be. Sin and death are reigning in the earth. Living in hope, we believe God’s promises of life, to make all things new and to bring righteousness on the earth. We believe it with joyful confidence. And believing that the world can and WILL be restored like this necessarily agitates those subtle places where have reconciled with the mess that we’re in. We lose the illusion that everything is OK… that things aren’t so bad. When we know what we are missing, we aren’t so happy with what we have. Disillusionment is a gift!

True hope allows us to live in reality without being utterly devestated by the injustice all around us. Rather than convince ourselves that things are OK, we are able to look at the world around us with sober eyes. We can come to terms with the fact that creation has a reason to be groaning right now and still keep moving forward. Because there is something different for us in the future. Delusion and resignation aren’t our only answers. We can see things as they are and long for the day when they WILL be made right. It’s impossible for God to lie and He said He’s going to do it.

Jurgen Moltmann articulated this stuff far better than I can in his “Theology of Hope”. It’s a pretty intense book, but I strongly recommend reading its introduction. It’s beautiful… and it has been changing my life.

Jesus is coming back. He’s going to fix everything. He’s going to make everything right… because it ISN’T right now. It’s a mess! This is not how God wants it! This is not how He is going to leave it! He has not altogether forsaken us and He will not forget us forever.

The Spirit and the bride say come!!! (Also in the song… but, more importantly, concluding the hopeful message of the book of Revelation.) God has good things for us. We have the first-fruits of those things now… but He has yet to bring the fullness.

Rightly do we long and groan and hunger and thirst for that day when all things will be made right. Blessed are we who hunger and thirst for righteousness! Jesus said it, Himself, those words of life and hope: we WILL be filled!

Come, Lord Jesus!


One comment

  1. Amen. I’ve been thinking of this idea–divine discontent–a lot lately.

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