May 31st…

June 3, 2008

So… I got on my blog today for the first time in a long time. I’ve hardly been keeping up with the blog world lately. I’ve simply been too busy in the real world.

A lot of that had something to do with May 31st… Darin and Kacie got married that day. It was a beautiful day.

May 31st was also an absurdly long day. I woke up at 9:40 AM (to get ready for the wedding) and finally cried myself to sleep somewhere around 10:15 AM the next day. Yes… that’s more than 24 hours… and no nap. I woke up with mascara all over my face at about 11 AM and it was another hour before I was successfully asleep again… noon. Oy.

I wore four outfits on May 31st.

First, we had the jeans and button-up pink shirt with comfortable black sandals. Happy outfit. This is what I wore until it was absolutely necessary that I put on my dress for the wedding. 4 hours in that outfit.

Second, we had some medium-height heals and the black dress for the wedding (seen below). 4 hours in that outfit. (Note on the picture: this was during the foot washing… I was trying not to cry.)

Third, we had the other black dress. I changed into this to go to dinner with my roommates & that guy in the picture below. (There aren’t pictures of the other dress.) My roommates got icecream after dinner… we went to the KC symphony. 8 hours in that outfit as well.

And, finally, we have the outfit that I wore to St. Andrew’s that morning. Brown skirt, blue shirt… and the exact same shoes that I had been wearing since 2 PM that day… just in a different color. I spent about 9 hours in that outfit.

May 31st was pretty hard on my feet. I’m pretty sure there is no pair of heals that should be worn for 20 hours. And I wore essentially the same shoes in outfits 2-4

Richard and Brent sang at church that morning, so we got there with 45 minutes to spare before the service began. Being on hour 22 or so, I was in great need of caffeine. So Chris, Jordan and I walked to the Roasterie. Only… my feet really hurt… so I walked barefoot through Brookside. This was slightly painful but truly could not compare to the pain that my shoes were inflicting upon my feet at that time.

May 31st was also a big day for my blog. When I got on and looked at my recent blog stats, I noticed a strange peak on that day. I can’t come up with any explanation for this, but here it is:

So… May 31st… quite a day.



  1. How do you do it? I’m so amazed at the schedule you keep! You’re amazing…

  2. Hi. I like the graph.

  3. Dorean – I’m not 100% sure how I do it… and I’m not as good at it as I used to be. Due to some relational tensions (and a nearly 2-hour talk that followed the next day) that arose at the end of this 24-hour day… I don’t think I will be doing it again for a long time. I only want to stay up that long if I need to do it to switch between nights and days and the like.

    Greg – Yay graphs! We never had coffee and caught up that day… by the way. I didn’t forget. It just didn’t successfully happen.

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