Much Better

July 3, 2008

So, I’m in Dallas right now. We set up Eddie’s product table at an International Worship Institute event. I don’t know anything about what that is. I just know I was there.

Eddie’s team left tonight. We will be here until Friday afternoon. Do you know what that means?

That’s right. I get a day off. Praise the living God. He is good. Really good.

AND… we’re in Dallas. So I get to spend some time with my dad, drink bubble tea at my favorite coffee shop, and relax.

It looks like we get Saturday off as well. Only the dancers will be at our scheduled Saturday event… which means that there will be no product present for us to sell at that point. So we get a day off in Alabama. I’m thinking of spending the entire day reading my Bible and sleeping. Or engaging in activities of a similar nature.

My new Bible, by the way, is AMAZING. TNIV – The Books of the Bible. Its introductions are amazing. I almost started crying when I read the little heading on the cover page for the New Testament. And the lack of chapter and verse references makes it an entirely new reading experience. I’m falling in love with the Bible in a whole new way.

So… I am breathing again.

I’m also making a lot of big decisions right now. So I guess the breathing room is especially good at this time.

OK… time to sleep. Ah… sleep. I get to sleep. I like this new thing we’re doing here… this sleeping and resting thing.



  1. There is a bubble tea place in Dallas? Where is it?

    Oh and I love TNIV as well. It is my favorite translation by FAR.

  2. Well, it’s technically in Plano. The place is called Java and Cha, and it is at the intersection of Coit and Park. (Next to a really sketchy dollar theater.) The owners are wonderful people and they have excellent drinks.

  3. I see… I only went to Plano on a few occasions. My stomping grounds were more around Lovers Lane/SMU area/Mockingbird Station and downtown D. Ugggghhh… I miss it there!

  4. Happy to hear about the sleeping & resting thing!!!

  5. I too will vouch for Java & Cha as Christine and I used to meet up there at least once a week for some mighty excellent coffee and tea!!! Way better then Starbucks 🙂

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