I hate sending food back, BUT…

July 6, 2008

The beef and cheddar sandwich I just tried to eat was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever attempted to force down.

For starters, I don’t really like Arby’s Sauce. It’s too sweet… and weird. Some places put it on the beef and cheddar; some don’t.

Well, this one did. In fact, it was dripping with the stuff. Oozy orangeness gooping down the sides of the bottom bun.

Secondarily, as the name would imply, the cheddar sauce is an important element of the Beef and CHEDDAR sandwich. Important.

Well, the degree to which my sandwich lacked cheddar far surpassed the degree to which it was over-abundantly glopped with Arby’s sauce. At first, I  thought, “Oh no… did they just give me a roast beef sandwich? No… then why is there all this Arby’s sauce? I’m confused.” So I pulled the bun off to investigate. One small glop of cheddar sauce sat in the middle of the bun. One small glop. You coudn’t even see cheddar from any of the edges.

There was no way I could spread it out to cover the sandwhich. It was as spread as it was going to get. Even if I ate from the central location where the cheddar resided, I would encounter more Arby’s sauce than cheddar.

I tried to eat it. Oh how I tried. But it was so completely disgusting that I just couldn’t do it.

So we drove back to Arby’s. And I complained. And they made me a new sandwich.

Any guesses concerning the cheddar presence on my new Been and Cheddar?

That’s right… it was dripping globs of cheddar sauce, each of a magnitude that surpassed the entire cheddar presence of my last sandwich.

There was probably 4 times as much cheddar sauce on the wrapper than on the first sandwich… BEFORE I touched it and caused cheddar to squish out the sides.

There was more cheddar on my face (post-eating) than there was on the first sandwich.

There was more cheddar on my pinky from one of the globs that dropped out of the sandwich than there was on the first sandwich.

There was a sickening amount of cheddar on my sandwich.

I guess they wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t come back again.


One comment

  1. man that’s gross…

    my sympathies!

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