July 14, 2008

I had the honor of attending David and Kristen‘s wedding on Friday.

Few weddings have impacted me as deeply as this one. Part of the impact is too personal to write about here. But there was one moment in particular that I really want to make note of.

Usually, at weddings, I watch the groom as his bride is coming down the aisle. I just love to see his expression–the ridiculously huge grin or the flood of tears.

I’ve known David for 5 years (a long time in IHOP time) and he is one of my absolute favorite people. So you would ESPECIALLY expect that I would be watching him watch Kristen come down the aisle towards him.

But I hardly even glanced at David in that moment. I did… I glanced. But there was something else that stole my attention.

Kristen was so indescribably beautiful. I couldn’t stop watching her… I couldn’t stop looking at her as she moved towards David.

On an elementary level, her dress and her hair were perfect. But I don’t think that was even it.

I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t even really know what it was. But it was absolutely beautiful… whatever it was that I saw.

She was herself… perhaps more remarkably and beautifully herself than I have ever seen. Though surely nervous, she seemed to be ultimately at peace. She seemed whole-hearted and resolved.

She was stunning, walking down the aisle with her father… step by step getting closer to the biggest leap of her life.

I am so grateful to have witnessed that moment of beauty.



  1. that is beautiful… what a great thing to share

  2. How long do you give ’em?

  3. Wow…

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