Here it is

July 18, 2008

There hasn’t been anything too remarkable in my search engine terms, of late. Well, I don’t know that. I haven’t been watching them for a while. But I know there wasn’t anything too amusing or puzzling THIS week.

However, yesterday’s list kind of amused me. I’m pretty sure it didn’t amuse me because it’s actually amusing (at least in any sense that it would be to anyone else). But… that has apparently done nothing to stop me from blogging about it now.

So, without further parenthetical insertions or bunny-trail ramblings, here are yesterday’s search engine terms:

No… never mind. They stopped being amusing to me.

Delete… Publish… Delete… Publish… Delete… Publish… Delete… Publish…?

Where is the delete button?

Ummm… here little button… I would very much like to click on you.

Well… I can’t seem to find it. So… Publish, it is!


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