Back to the Basics

August 15, 2008

As my last post indicates, I am in the midst of some serious transition. (And a good chunk of that transition has significant financial implications.)

The changes that are suddenly upon me are unsettling, but welcome. I really have to trust right now. I really have to lean on the Lord. I really have to believe that He is the one who always has been and always will be providing for my every need.

Because of my commitments to the bookstore this year, I haven’t had a lot of time for blogging, writing newsletters, or sending email updates. All of those essential responsibilities of being an intercessory missionary who raises support have kind of shifted to the back burner. I’ve finished a couple of newsletters, but got too busy to get them out and then found that they were seriously out of date. (It is typically not ideal to send a Christmas letter in April.)

Well, time is opening up in my schedule now and I can again be diligent with the communication and support-raising end of things. Praise the Lord.

I actually enjoy that part of my job: communicating with people who are outside of the IHOP community and inviting others to partner with me. I know that might sound crazy. And that is precisely why I wrote this page yesterday:

Partner with Me: The Vision.

I’m actually excited about getting back to these basics of being an intercessory missionary at IHOP. I have a weekly “support raising” date with my roommate now. I WILL get a newsletter out soon. I WILL start getting my email updates out regularly again. I WILL actually have time to blog.

Sigh… it feels good.

A lot of things are changing right now. I will continue to keep you all updated as everything begins to take shape and become official.

Now, it’s time to go to the prayer room.


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