Comically Minute

August 30, 2008

Now addressing the category of seemingly trifling transitions…

I’ve moved again. My third move since moving the Kansas City. I make shorter moves than anyone I know.

The first time, I moved to another house. ALMOST a real move. But I didn’t make it far. I moved two doors down the street (technically up the street, due to the hill that we live on). Only one house separated me from my former dwelling place.

My second move seemed even sillier. (Can you believe that?) I moved from the finished basement to the finished former garage. The new room was somewhat separate and distinct from the house…
an independent apartment with a little kitchen and laundry area of its own.

And this time,  the third time… I moved upstairs. I moved upstairs to a room in the same house. Again.

This is my third room in the house. It is also the smallest of those three. I keep moving into progressively smaller and smaller rooms within the house.

But it’s actually a really good thing. And my room is amazing (note the end of my last post).

The whole thing made for one VERY busy week. But I am ecstatic with the fruits of those labors.

Monday and Tuesday, I packed up and moved Gabrielle’s stuff out. Wednesday and Thursday, I painted and enlisted some man-strength to help move furniture. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I moved my things and did lots of cleaning (while carrying on with the normal elements of my relatively busy day-to-day life). Monday I quickly packed and Tuesday I made the 10-hour solo drive to Texas.

And yet… the whole thing has been strangely energizing.

I absolutely love my room. It’s so peaceful and perfect. It’s so beautifully blue. It’s kind of a grey-ish blue. Rainy-Day Blue. The perfect expression of Rainy-Day Blue. It’s precisely what I went looking for. The actual name is Shark Loop. (And no, we have no idea what that name is supposed to mean. Amanda even googled it.) In any case, I’m calling it Rainy-Day Blue. (And I, for the record, love rainy days. They’re perfect for all of my favorite introvert activities.)

I never thought I would leave my room downstairs. I loved that room. But, this has actually been a tremendously blessed and timely change.

To all the people who helped me paint and move and get through the emotional obstacles that I kept confronting along the way… THANK YOU. Seriously.

I am especially indebted to Miss Amanda Beattie. I cannot count the number of hours she gave… the amount of energy she exerted… the sacrifices she made… the cheerful attitude… the perspective… the hope… the motivation.

Seriously, people, this girl is more amazing than I think anyone has really realized (myself undoubtedly included). The ways she serves and loves. The ways she says yes to Him and courageously leans into the Lord to overcome the struggles within her heart. And so much of it in secret. So little of it seen by men.

As a close friend who has the privilege of knowing Amanda rather well (that level of friendship where you really get to see the just-plain-real and the not-so-pretty elements of a person’s life and struggle): Amanda Beattie is golden.


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  1. Congratulations on your move, and I have to agree with your assesment of Amanda. She was still in grade school when I started telling her that when I grow up, I want to be like her. Come to think of it, I still tell her that now and then…

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