The …

September 1, 2008

I wasn’t trying to be mysterious or create suspense there. I was actually talking about the dots themselves.

I would call them an ellipsis, but I virtually never use them to signify omission of words. I use them for pauses… when a comma just doesn’t seem big enough.

And I apparently feel the need to pause quite frequently in my writing.

I blame the habit on Misty Boone (now Brua). I’m 98% sure that I got it from her (back in my days of constant IM conversations). Misty introduced me to the wonder and beauty of “…” when I was a junior in high school (plus or minus a year).

And now, it is a habit that I cannot seem to escape. I think a lot of that inability is due to the fact that I love them so. My “…”-signified pauses.

I have to cut about half of them out when I am writing, because they become so frequent. And it seems too informal and sloppy. Well, not informal and sloppy enough to stop using them. But informal and sloppy enough that I don’t want to put them on every line of text that I type. Even if this is a simple blog.

Yeah… so I just wrote a post about dots.


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  1. i miss you… : )

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