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October 4, 2008

OK, so the blog I am about to write about isn’t actually mine. But I kind of treat it like my own.

Earlier today, I told Amanda, “I think I write more on _______’s blog than I do my own.”

Of course, we quickly established that this is not true. I blog more than that. However… it may be true that I write on his blog more than he does. I mean… my comments frequently surpass the length of the posts that provoked them. Fortunately, his follow-up comments do as well. Which is a good thing. Or the world might think that I was trying to take over his blog.

Anyway, there is a reason that I write so much in response to those posts. They’re basically brilliant. (Though frequently wrong. Can you be wrong and brilliant at the same time? I would like to think so. I do it all the time. I mean, I’m not wrong all the time. But… well, I’m just going to stop right there, before further contradicting or incriminating myself in wrongness.)

(Oh wait. I’m not done being parenthetical… When I say that his posts are frequently wrong, I mostly have in mind his conclusions about celery.)

Basically, this is one of the most brilliant blogs I have ever read. He doesn’t write often enough. But what he does write is absolutely worth reading. So go read a bit.

I proudly introduce you to my friend, S. Hamley Bildebrandt.


One comment

  1. i hate celery. i think he’s right there…

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