Dead Laptop

October 18, 2008

So… the laptop is dead. Good and dead.

My dad couldn’t fix it. Alan couldn’t fix it. IT couldn’t fix it. So now they will back up what they can, wipe the whole thing, and start from scratch.

So very, very sad. Anyway… if I don’t seem to be blogging or facebooking much, it’s because I am lacking on the internet access. 😦

In other news… I have decided that the odd-numbered chapters in Revelation are my favorite. Here are just a few of the reasons why:
Chapter 1 – oh-so-amazing revelation of Jesus.
Chapter 3 – the ouchy letter to Sardis… and the letter (of the letters to the 7 churches) that refers to Jesus as the Amen.
Chapter 5 – The slain Lamb is worthy to take the scroll… and He does.
Chapter 7 – The 144,000, & the great multitude who come out of the tribulation, victorious (whether sealed or not).
Chapter 9 – the locusts. The locusts are my favorite. I mean, I don’t want one and I’m not planning to be all buddy-buddy with them. But… wow. Talk about severe!
Chapter 11 – The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ… another one of those great “We thank You, You’ve done it” things… and the temple is opened.
Chapter 15 – The Song of Moses & the Song of the Lamb.
Chapter 19 – The Man on the white Horse…  Faithful and True.
Chapter 21 – MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! God’s dwelling is with man… He will wipe away every tear… No more death or sorrow or pain. Making all things new. Lots of really good stuff. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

And… last of all… I am really craving Indian food right now. Of course… I’ve been craving indian food for well over a week, I think. I’ll have to do something about that relatively soon-ish.


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