7-hour Night Watch

November 2, 2008

I just have to say… I love it when the NightWatch is 7 hours long. It’s like a bonus hour. We get to spend a little extra time doing what we love to do… without it taking away from our sleep.

I don’t really feel entitled to the extra hour of sleep that everyone else will be getting. Why would I want to sleep through the repetition of time anyway. I mean… it’s not every day that 1:58 happens twice.

PLUS… I got to watch two clocks change with the satellites. And with more enthusiasm than seems appropriate, I got to declare the new hour every few seconds. (That is, until we hit about 10:00 and I got distracted. I guess that’s about the time everyone else finally started noticing what the clocks were doing.) The whole process took about 3 minutes.

Plus, I know something you don’t know. I know that we didn’t actually gain an hour, but we lost 11. The clock ran forward. So… while all those other people were sleeping, I saw what really happened. We jumped forward from 2 AM to 1 PM.

It’s true… I am now sitting here on my laptop… at 8-something PM, about to go to bed. But the rest of the world (or at least the rest of this time zone) thinks it’s 8-something AM. I know it’s true. I watched it happen.

I pointed this out to Amanda and she asked, “We’re switching to days?” Sadly… we did. Fortunately, the sun switched with us. And THEY are telling us it’s AM when it’s really PM anyway, so it might as well have not happened. We switched to days, but the sun and “days” switched to nights. So… in switching to days that switched to nights… we basically switched from nights to nights.

Hmmm… I’m pretty sure I’m trying to be confusing right now. And I’m pretty sure I’m doing a decent job of it… because i just got lost… somewhere.

OK… back to the real point.

This year was probably the most logical handling of the time change that I have ever seen. In the past, they have encouraged us to not change our clocks until 7… and so they give us the plan according to those times. However… most of us are using cell phones (or the clocks on the base)… that automatically change at 2 AM. So this year, we went with real time. See…we’re learning.

The schedule was:

12 AM – 2AM… Richard Liantonio
1 AM – 3 AM… Shawna Forrey
3 AM – 5 AM… Sada Rogers
5 AM – 6 AM… Clay Edwards

Clay’s little hour-long set was so much fun. Good briefing. Good set. Good debriefing. It almost went by too quickly. It was SOOOO short, though. I told Clay he should go back out to transition to see if Ron would leave so that we could keep going. (Obviously, that did not happen.)

There’s a lot of really good stuff happening in my heart right now. I’ve also been crying LIKE CRAZY. I’ve felt a lot of pain… but I keep meeting the Lord there again and again… and I am more alive and more in reality than ever before.

Obviously, a lot of what is happening in my heart can’t go on the blog. But… some of it can, and some of it will. HOWEVER, as you can see, I am in more of a rambly nonsense-y kind of writing mode. So… any attempt to write a real post would surely fail. AND… it’s past my bedtime.

So… just know that there are real posts coming soon. Posts (possibly a lot of them) about “the most excellent way”. Posts about urgency and the ABSOLUTE necessity of living focused lives where we are really pursuing the knowledge of God. Posts about… ouchy things. (I’ve had a lot of ouchy things lately. It’s the Lord’s kindness to show me those places in my heart. So it’s good. But… OUCH.) And posts about … uncomfortable shifts that are on the way. Hopefully some posts about the Holy Spirit. I really love the Holy Spirit. More than I can express. And I spend most of my day talking to and thinking about Him. At least on a good day. Sigh… Thank You, Holy Spirit.

But… again. It is past my bed-time. So I am going to head bed-ward… and seek sleep. And when I wake up tomorrow, I am going to spend some time with my CD-shredding roommate. I don’t know what we are going to do… but something. I know we will spend some time sitting around trying to figure out what we are going to do.That, at least is certain. Whatever we do will surely be great, though. (With good friends, hang-out time rarely depends much on what you are actually doing.)

Last Sunday, we breezed through the wondrous realm of… Bargain Factory and then got a quick snack before church. Our last planned hang-out time was cleaning day on Wednesday. (I’m so glad we did cleaning day.) ACTUALLY, our last planned activity was reading the book of Revelation out loud. But we do that every week. Wow… I really like the things that we do together. So… tomorrow is going to be great. Which means that I need to get to bed. It’s like the next natural step in getting tomorrow started.

So… let tomorrow begin. (Of course… it already has for most of the world. It is 8:45 AM, after all. Actually, it’s 8:45 PM right now, but I’m one of the only people who knows that and there really isn’t much evidence to help you come to that confident realization with me… so… we’ll stick with the AM thing.

Ack! I’m still not in bed!



  1. I love you and your heart!

  2. That 5AM hour was really fun… I enjoyed getting to run sound for your team. I thought it came out pretty good too…

  3. As usual, you’ve blessed me in ways that you didn’t even realize. You’ve given me a theme. You’ve been tagged:
    7 Randomish Things.

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