The Presidency

November 5, 2008

Please note: any opinions expressed in this post are mine alone. Though I serve at the International House of Prayer, I cannot speak on behalf of IHOP leadership or the majority of our community. My opinions are mine alone. There is no official political position held by the IHOP community. I can only express what is in MY heart, as a free-thinking individual with my own perspectives, values, and opinions.

Barack Obama is a brilliant man who wants to see our nation prosper under his leadership. We have chosen him and given him the opportunity to pursue his vision for America. For the next four years, he will be our president. And our command is to pray for him.

This is a critical hour in our nation and we have been moving into a time of significant transition. Small shifts now have massive implications for the future.

I voted according to the issues that are closest to MY heart. I voted according to the areas where the Lord has been enlightening MY eyes. Neither party has it all right. Neither candidate was the embodiment of evil and neither candidate walked in perfect righteousness.

I believe we don’t recognize the significance of family in the Lord’s kingdom. I believe we don’t value life the way that He values life. I believe that we are lovers of convenience and devoted to seeking and serving the interests of the self, rather than pursuing “the most excellent way”. I believe that we do not honor marriage as He desires. I believe that we are too given to our own broken ideas of justice and morality and have hardly begun to share the burdens of His heart. I believe that we, ourselves, contribute to the oppression of the poor and the needy… the orphan and the widow. I believe that we lack genuine love and compassion and do not care for the ones that are near to His heart. I believe that we do not care for the lowly as He does.

I was confident in the choice that I made when I voted. The Lord has been profoundly moving my heart, over the last three years, with the issue of life. This is the natural result of partnering with my community (and genuinely with the heart of the Lord) in regularly asking God to end abortion.

As a result of this continual prayer focus, I made a covenant to never vote for leadership that supported abortion. I thought that this would mean that I would not vote. But I found that my heart was provoked to action and I could not abstain from voting this year. I felt strongly about my need to steward my role as a voting citizen. And this is actually the first time that I did.

I had other reasons for voting as I did. But to develop these reasons would border on speaking against the chosen leader of our nation. Instead, I am going to pray for him–a man with both strengths and weaknesses–and hope (trusting only in the Lord) for the best. God is his judge… I am not.

Obama is not the Messiah. (Neither is he the Antichrist, for that matter.) His promise of change and the message of hope will surely leave us disappointed in the end. He is only a man. As fallen as the rest of us. There is only one Man who can bring perfect righteousness and justice on the earth. One Man. And McCain was not that man, either.

God has set His King on His holy hill. The kingdoms of this world are appointed to be the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ. This is a Divine decree that no man can hinder. His promises are sure and He will have His way in the earth. Jesus is coming back to reign. Until He does, things will not be right in our nation or any other. My hope is not in our president, regardless of whether or not our president was the man that I voted for.

God gives us what we want. Our nation chose Obama.

There are a lot of opinions out there… and most of them pretty strongly held. I cannot tell you how godly or ungodly the man is. I cannot see the hidden motives of his heart (for good or for evil). For those who believe that Barack Obama is the most ungodly man to become president… I urge you to spend some time in the book of Daniel and take heart.

God turned the heart of Nebuchadnezzar. He is the one who changes the times and the seasons. He tears down kings and raises them up. Wisdom and might are His. HIS. He speaks to kings in dreams and visions. All men are susceptible and vulnerable before him. No army or security force can shield men from the voice and the judgment of the Lord.

We must pray for Barack Obama. For him, not against him. We must partner with the Lord’s heart. We must ask for mercy for our nation. We must ask for the Lord’s will in our nation. We must ask for righteousness… for a spirit of wisdom and revelation… just like we did for president Bush. This man is our president. He is our appointed leader and has only the authority that has been given to him. We must believe that God is who He says He is.

We must wait eagerly for the promises of God, in faith, hope, and love.

God has not asked us to judge this man. He has commanded us to pray for our leaders. Please say yes to this command. Pray with us for the strength, wisdom, and discernment that are needed to lead a nation. Whatever you thought of him before this day, God’s requirements of us have not changed.

Our hope has not changed. The promises have not changed.



  1. Today has reminded me that our blessed hope, among other things, is the millenium/resurrection and not anything to be found in the confines of our current political status.

    My hat is off to you, as you are one of the few people whose political theory truly begins and ends with Jesus.

  2. Well put. This is actually better than the alternative in that I can think of NO leader of stature that will help the unborn or other such things. That means it is entirely upon the church to pray and pray properly for our leaders, instead of trusting them. Also God is not at all threatened, worried, or upset by any of this. We need to get seated with him in heavenly places and find out what his plan is. McCain wouldn’t have done much more for us, but we would have trusted him and put our faith in him. Could the next righteous leader emerge who doesn’t resort to negative campaigning and divisiveness?

  3. Wise and well said. The call to prayer has never been more important nor more urgent. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for this and for being who you are. Maybe I shouldn’t say it so much, but I’m proud of you. Beyond my pride as a father, though, I am deeply grateful that you are one of those who stands in the gap; I don’t mind saying that I wish there were many more who had a heart and integrity like yours.

  5. Amen, back at ya.

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