What She Said

November 10, 2008

Amanda and I tend to think so similarly, at times, that it is actually somewhat frightening. Don’t believe me? Ask Travis Damme.

New Orleans

Often, in briefings, as I sit there silently and don’t contribute to the conversation (yeah, we’re working on that)… if I wait long enough, Amanda will say exactly what I am thinking. It’s actually quite amusing.

Anyway, she’s done it again. There’s a petition that is actually really important to me and, I believe, very important for our nation. Check out her post right here. Or here. Or back there where I said “her post.” Three choices… wow… I’m generous.


One comment

  1. Your problem is not as bad as mine. In my case, I don’t wait to say something – later, Amanda will say something much kinder, wiser, and sometimes diametrically opposite of what I said, and I’ll think, “Gee, that’s what I really meant…”

    Now I have to worry that transitivity means you’re thinking what I really meant to say, too. *sigh*

    Not so amusing for me, but I love and respect you both anyway. 😉

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