Toilet Paper

November 30, 2008

Thought I would take advantage of that little non-frisbee disc again. This was on my mind…



  1. As a former professional in the custodial arts who took his job way too seriously, I can tell you definitively that the roll needs to feed over the top. In establishments of class, the end sheet will be folded to a point as one indication (depending on the degree of classiness, there should be others) that the facility has been recently serviced.

    The paper is more easily visible and accessible across the top. No offense to y’all who got this wrong. 🙂

  2. Maybe those who got this wrong should be pushed to the point of offense. I wouldn’t go to war over this (like one might go to war over buttering bread with the butter-side down). But… it’s pretty important, I think.

  3. Being an over-the-topper myself, I couldn’t agree more, Christine! I find it interesting that so far, no one has voted for it not mattering. I had no idea we all felt so strongly about toilet paper! Amazing…

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