An Old Thanksgiving Quote

December 2, 2008

I just noticed my nearly empty QuoteBoard category and decided to make an effort to remedy that sad, empty state in the coming days.

Since Thanksgiving just happened, I thought I would pull out this one… one of my absolute favorites. You should see the sculpture that this quote inspired.

“I almost had a Thanksgiving two years ago without cranberry sauce. It would have been a tragedy akin to many puppies suffocating on the down harvested from ducklings who were recently fed to baby seals who were shortly thereafter clubbed.”

-Matthias (self-proclaimed “friend of baby animals and cranberry lovers everywhere”)


One comment

  1. I have pictures of the sculpture. Being there, in the wake of the aforementioned quote, to see it alone on the table and then as the food (including–praise Yah–the beloved sauce) congregated around it, was a truly magical experience that I doubt I shall ever forget.

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