Nothing Much

December 6, 2008

I drank painful quantities of  incredible wassail on Thursday night. INCREDIBLE. We found the most magical apple cider in the world. I don’t think future wassail could ever top that.

I have a prophetic egg-shaped alarm clock that is really fun to spin like a top. That’s right, prophetic. I’ve had the thing for one week and it has done 4 crazy “Ummm… OK, wow” things already. Hey, if God wants to talk to me through an alarm clock, I’m game.

New Jersey is really funny. My news magazine had a little story snippet about a two-hour stand-off at a bank… between the police and what was apparently a really threatening CARDBOARD CUT-OUT. Way to go, NJ!

The socks I am wearing right now are ridiculously warm. I can hardly stand it. But I didn’t properly warmify my feet last night when I left the house, so I figured I owed it to my feet to over-warm them tonight.

We’re about to reorganize our fridge. That makes me really happy.

Timothy Edwards fascinates me. I know I probably shouldn’t be so impressed… but he seems super smart for being so tiny. (Though tiny is also beginning to seem rather huge.) It’s REALLY fun to watch him organize things. He has a gift! (It made my organization-loving heart really happy.) And he’s super cute. Especially when he’s wrestling with his dad. Watching that little guy was one of the highlights of my night.

I’m a little sad about the fact that I will be out of town on my birthday. But I’m really excited about being in Montana for Christmas. I hope it snows in KC before I leave… REALLY huge drifty flake-clusters of glory… that’s what I’m looking for. And it has to snow in Montana on my birthday… it just has to.

I glitter-glued happy trees tonight.

Wendy: Yeah, but I don’t think that makes me weird.
Christine: It makes me different.
Wendy: I know, it’s weird.

OK… so maybe it was funnier when it was way past my bed-time. Wait… it is past my bed-time. Oh well… whatever. I’m still amused.

I am in one of those “stay up late crying” modes. So I thought a random blog post would be a nice diversion for a little while. But now… back to the prayer room.


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  1. This was so wonderfully you and wonderfully playful, I just had to smile. I get to see you again in less than two weeks. I hope you don’t get sick of me. Check your email. 🙂

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