In Lieu of Profundity

December 10, 2008

I felt like blogging. I wanted to write about something serious and I wanted to have something profound to say. But, as it turns out, I’m just a little too tired for that.

I’m about to go to bed early. Anne House told me to. I think most people would find it wise to do what Anne House tells them to do.

It snowed A LOT today. (Adding to the day’s sleepiness factor.) It was so beautiful. My face instantly lit up when I saw it and I got all giddy for a moment.

A few seconds after my excitement set in, I became quite sad. I now have painful things associated with the snow. The snow needs to be redeemed! It’s too wonderful to also be a sad thing!

Sometimes the prayer room feels REALLY small. It’s hard not to run into people when you’re in there.

Speaking of “running into people” in the prayer room… What’s the deal with those track pacers? Each aisle in the prayer room can comfortably fit 2-3 people (and still have room for people to use the aisle as… an aisle). When people walk in circles around the chairs, they end up tearing into 4 whole segments of perfect pacing space… potentially disrupting 12 people in their prayer room pacing! (It’s actually possible to disrupt a few more than that, depending on the path.)

Junia Beveridge is an exception to the above statement. He can do whatever he wants to do in the prayer room, as far as I’m concerned. (Even if that means detaching very large and scary camera equipment from the ceiling above the heads of a pregnant woman and myself. Yes, Junia can risk my life and I would be fine with that.) He walks so quickly that he hardly spends any time taking up the space, anyway.

New Zealand sounds like a tremendously beautiful place. I would really like to spent 3-6 months helping out at a house of prayer down there. Perhaps I will after my roommate returns to the country.

We are in the midst of house transition again, but it looks like a significant chunk of it has all worked out. Yay!

God is really faithful. He’s really good at making beautiful things out of the crummy things in my life. I like that about Him.

“Direct my heart into Your love; direct my heart into Your love; direct my heart into Your love; I commit it to You.”



  1. I can’t really categorize this post as “random”. Each paragraph has a very solid and logical connecting point to the next one.

  2. i kind of like your posts when you don’t sleep. they keep me entertained. : )

  3. I know! Why don’t people just pick a place to pace?

    • Perhaps worse, though, is when someone chooses one aisle, but paces very slowly and in a wandering kind of way. Then that entire aisle is shut down for an indefinite period of time.

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