Working on that Next Generation

December 10, 2008

We have THREE pregnant women on our worship team right now. Three of them. And there are already three little ones on our team (arguably 5 if we can count the Holder girls… since their grandmother, aunt, and uncle are all on the team).

I can hardly keep track of how many of my friends OUTSIDE of the worship team are pregnant right now. I feel like I’m always praying for “mom & baby”, there are so many of them. I’ve recently started putting due dates in my phone’s calendar, because I keep getting them mixed up.

Let’s not even try to count the number of people I just know (friends of friends, etc.) who are pregnant. There are so many of them.

I guess I’m at that age, though — that time in a person’s life when all of their married friends start making babies… and lots of them. Hmmm… and now it is not so shocking that I have come to the point of really wanting children. Yep… nothing shocking about that at all, really.

I’m excited about all of these babies. I love life! But it does kind of make you step back for a second and get my bearings again. Craziness!

Well… more, Lord!


One comment

  1. Love it! I’m feeling like everyone’s having kids too! 🙂

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