Magical Morning

December 17, 2008

Well, I did end up going outside and playing in the snow after that last snow post. I couldn’t take it anymore. The snow was too amazing to not be in the middle of it as it fell.

I bundled up well. I would spend three paragraphs describing how awesomely warm-sustaining my outfit was… but I would probably be the only person who was excited about the drawn-out explanation of my moose PJ pants, wool socks, boots, jeans, scarf, two pairs of gloves, and leather jacket.

My curly hair is great for snow… it keeps the fragile little flakes far enough from the heat of my head that they are unlikely to melt unless I go inside. Thus, wearing my hair down practically functions as a hat. I love it.

(The melting of the snow when I go inside is a really awkward feeling, by the way. I had been in thick snow for about 45 minutes before I finally went in earlier. I had collected quite the layer of snow on my hair. Which quickly began trickling down my head as I stood in the coffee shop.)

It was such a great morning. I went for a backwards walk in the snow with a friend (no, really… we actually walked backwards down a hill… completely blind to the road behind us). I walked on my knees in the snow… I rolled in the snow… I crawled on my stomach through the snow… and I did that wonder/gratitude explosion thing that I predicted would be a significant portion of my “playing”.

I also spent A LOT of time in the bookstore. The first chunk of my morning was spent running between the snow and the inside warmth (and company of my friends). Later, I spent some time having a very good conversation with another friend in the back office.

It was such a good day that I didn’t leave the bookstore until nearly 3 PM. Yeah… that’s when I am supposed to be getting out of bed. The best part of this is that it will help me stay up all day when I  fly to Montana after our set tonight (Wednesday/Thursday). The worst part… I forgot to drink again. Until about 2 or 2:30, I consumed no water in those hours of being awake.

Now, a little over 24 hours after the magic began, everything is still beautifully white outside.

It made my heart really happy when I walked over to the prayer room at midnight. There was still snow everywhere. It was so perfect. So peaceful. And so not icy. I love it when the snow isn’t icing! I don’t like it when my friends fall and hurt themselves.

This is a good winter, thus far. (Even with all this pain junk… you know… the really unpleasant stuff that is causing my heart to mature, work through offense, grow in love, and find strength in the Lord.)


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