Pray for Me, a Shameless Plea

January 6, 2009

I think I have pretty much recovered from onething. Any excessive exhaustion from this point forth, I will simply attribute to fasting (GBF and all) and the nature of my normal schedule.

I am really excited about the next month. It’s going to be a season of very intense focus and time given to really pursuing the Lord.

I have come to the end of my strength and I am seeking God’s strength. I have been experiencing deep sorrow and I am seeking God’s comfort. I am full of internal traffic and chaos and I am seeking God’s peace.

As a part of that, I am letting go of some of the crutches that God hasn’t already stripped away. You know, embracing voluntary weakness, forsaking false comforts, all that good stuff.

I am designating significant time each day (for this next month) to spend in solitude and silence, communing with the Holy Spirit.

In the word, I am focusing primarily on Hebrews and Hosea, and the Psalms. I am also going through a couple of books and talking to the Lord about their subjects: “Invitation to Solitude and Silence” and “Hiding from Love”.

(Ummm… not that I hide from love or anything crazy like that. Just like I’m surely not in the midst of an invitation to solitude and silence. Ummm… yeah…)

Thus far, it has been really amazing. And REALLY painful. I mean… really. Both.

I tell you all of that to ask for your prayers. There are some things that really need to happen in my heart. I am driven by desperation into this place of seeking. And I know that He is going to meet me. He’s the one who called me out here in the first place. But this is a really critical time for me. And I would appreciate all the prayer I can get.

I need a lot of grace right now. Of course, the simple fact that I am choosing this is evidence of the grace He is giving to press into this time. But, continuing to ask for grace sure doesn’t hurt.

Thank you for your prayers! (Go ahead: say a little 30-second prayer for me right now. It absolutely counts. And we’ll both benefit from you talking to God about me for a few seconds.)



  1. I’m praying.

  2. Count me in!

  3. Me too!

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