What I did at 4:30

February 4, 2009

At 4:30 AM, I was standing out in below-freezing weather, holding a flashlight as a man changed my tire and quoted Song of Solomon.

OK… so the guy was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a younger BROTHER. And his usage of Song of Solomon was entirely for the purpose of really cheesy puns. The one that I actually recall was in reference to my trunk-dwelling shoes. (Which are nowhere close to white anymore, but moving in the direction of ruddy.) So… please take a moment to undo the assumptions that I set you up to make.

In any case, I have a little spare tire on my front passenger side. I have a frozen-flat tire (sporting a huge gash on its side–?) in my trunk. And I have a heap of gratitude for one Adam Beattie.

Now I can go get rid of some money and get a new tire. Woo hoo!



  1. When you said scripture was being used for really cheesy puns, I knew for sure you were talking about my son. Gotta love ‘im!

  2. Once again I am compelled to say, I love the Beatties–especially their appreciation for puns.

    Oh, and thanks, Adam. And thank you Dorean and Brian for raising great kids.

    Why does that make me feel so old? Don’t answer that question.

  3. Hehe… that whole picture was pretty funny.

    I really knew it was cold when I realized my hands were starting to stick to the jack. I also seem to remember that at some point you asked me why I wanted to change the tire last night, and I said something to the tune of, “Because I’m an idiot… a useful idiot, but an idiot…”

  4. Helpful idiot.

  5. Between Adam’s freezing 4:30 tire-change and Amanda’s projectile vomit clean-up party, I can certainly bear witness to the servanthood of the Beattie family. I remember saying something that night, to which Adam responded, “It runs in my family.” And I knew it was true.

    I want that to be true of my family/children… when I have one/them.

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