Two Years

February 16, 2009

I don’t really have anything profound to say. But I wanted to write about the second anniversary of my mother’s death. So, I’m going to write something… starting… now.

I can almost guarantee a trip to Texas at this time every year. (That is, until I get my dad to move to Kansas City.) My mother passed away on February 12th and my dad’s birthday is February 14th. Sounds to me like a perfectly good excuse to spend some time with my dad.

People always ask if it’s a hard week. Well, yes… it is a hard week. Honestly, though, most weeks are pretty hard. Some are less intense than others. But my mom doesn’t suddenly become dead on the anniversary of her death. It’s kind of one of those perpetual realities. A perpetual reality that always hurts.

The anniversary does affect me, though. Honestly, anniversaries and mensiversaries really get to me. In fact, if an event was significant enough (and recent enough), I am probably accidentally keeping track of the weeks. I don’t know what it is about the passage of time, but I am very aware of it when it comes to the extreme highs and lows of life.

Later this week will be 3 months since the last event that I have been consciously aware of every Friday… as one week further away. (Once I hit the three-month mark, the weeks become a little silly to keep track of, and it becomes units of months and half-months. I even apply logic to my unintentional compulsions, you see.)


This has been a good week with my dad. We’ve had some incredible conversations. We have enjoyed some of the things that she enjoyed. We have remembered her well.

I miss my mom a lot. I also know, more than ever before, that God is good and He is faithful. And He will continue to lead me into that truth. He will be faithful to His promises. He will make everything right. Jesus was the FIRSTborn from the dead. And He isn’t going to be the only one.



  1. Hey, just wanted to say ‘hi’….

    I’m an intern at IHOP-AC (Alamance County in Burlington, NC)

    I was googling “Night Watch” because I’m SUPER interested and drawn to living the night watch life style… AC isn’t 24/7 quite yet, but we just got a building… which is exciting, but we won’t be 24/7 or day and night for a little while… we’re praying and asking for soonish 🙂

    P.S.: I’m sorry to hear about your mom… those things are always tough to go through AND remember. 😦 The Lord is so good though… but you already know this 😉 He is such a refuge and a safe place every aspect of our lives (physical, mental, heart, mind, EMOTIONS… sometimes we forget the last one… or at least I do….) ANYWAYS, be encouraged 🙂 Bless you!

  2. Seeing houses of prayer raised up around the world is something I am really passionate about. I love what we have here in Kansas City. But there is a much bigger picture and God is orchestrating something globally that is much bigger than my “little” community here. Grace to you as you stand in the place of prayer in NC!

    I have to say, I’m a pretty big fan of the Night Watch. I highly recommend it! I know, with absolute confidence, that I was made for this. There’s something amazing about having the privilege of blessing the Lord in the middle of the night.

    Thanks for commenting!

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